Congratulations Officer Edward "Mister" Thomas of Houston PD!

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June 27, 2015  
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HPD Officer Thomas 1

All of us here at would like to extend our congratulations to retired Senior Police Officer Edward Thomas of the Houston Police Department. The Houston City Council recently voted to name the Houston Police headquarters facility in SPO Thomas’s honor.

Thomas, a World War II veteran, was the first black officer to graduate the training process and make it to the street. He went through cadet class #1 (their first formal academy) and served the city of Houston for 63 years — that’s a six and a three. He wore a badge from January 1948 until he retired in July of 2011. During the over six decades between those dates he earned many awards and commendations, and came to be known as “Mister Thomas”. Every single officer on the department – even the Chief – addressed Officer Thomas only as “Mister”. No other officer on a department of over 5000 was addressed with that level of respect.

Mister Thomas was a cop for two decades before the Civil Rights movement. Think about that for a minute. When he started his career he would report to roll call, then have to catch a bus to his walking beat. He wasn’t allowed to patrol white neighborhoods; to arrest a white person, he had to find a call box and request a white officer. Over the years he experienced unimaginable systemic racism, but he treated other officers, of all colors, with courtesy and respect.

One of our wretched LEO minions who knows Mister Thomas personally had this to say:

There is nobody more deserving of this honor. Mister Thomas actually landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day, became our first black officer in 1948, and served Houston for 63 years. Hell of a man, hell of a cop.”

Congratulations, sir, well deserved!

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Jennifer Cunningham

Jennifer Cunningham

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  1. Scott

    Thank you Mister Thomas!

    Has the IACP or NOBLE recognized him?

  2. Clint

    As a currently serving police officer with a family of vets, I am truly I am truly in awe of this man. Seeing what my darker skinned brothers in blue go through today i know pales in comparison of what this man saw. At 7 years i feel more done with this job everyday and yet he did it for more than twice as long as I’ve been alive. I’m glad we have men (and women) that have the balls to take no shit and do what needs to be doing, at home and away.

  3. Chappy

    A Man and Officer to emulate.

  4. Jeep


    I quickly did the maths, and there is something I’m just curious about. I don’t want to minimize the value or the contribution and courage of this man, but was he really still a cop at 85years? (If he hit Omaha on Dday, he was at least 18 in 1944, right?)

    It’s very possible though, I’m far from being an expert in retirement conditions in Houston PD. If so, hell of a story, incredible man!!

    • Mad Duo Chris

      He was a cop into his 90’s. Hard to believe, I know.

      • Jeep

        That’s awesome. I’m impressed. Let’s hope that’s inspiration for younger folks here.

  5. five3

    Thanks for sharing the history of such an amazing man. I know some are still sobbing over the lack of cheek weld and RED Friday, as if there’s no where else on the net to ogle ladies. But come on, thoughts of the adversities Officer Thomas must have faced during life in his chosen professions likens to MSG Roy Benavidez and the first time I read about his service to this nation – shit is emotional, inspiring, and should push us to step up or game.

    So thank you BBC, I truly appreciate this article as much as I appreciate Mr. Thomas’ life of dedication and exemplary service to this country.

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