Afghanistan Rant: Censorship through silence?

Stop reading this for a second.

Ask yourself one question: when was the last time you have heard anything about Afghanistan on the news? I mean something substantial, something more than just a brief mention in passing or a casual report that lasts 4 seconds and the servicemen are lumped as numbers. I was talking to Swingin’ Dick about this the other day, and neither of us could remember. Having taken part in the “global war on terror” since 2001, it’s crazy to think that we’d forget that our war is still on. But it is, and our brothers and sisters are still down range, in harm’s way. 

So where is the reporting?

The second you put a timeline on a war, it’s already lost. Along the same line of thinking, that if you think you can’t do something, you’re right. The battle is won or lost in the mind, even before the first shot is fired. The person, the unit or Army that wants to win the most, will.

Dick and I both think that trying to date stamp expiration on any conflict is counterproductive and flat out fucking stupid. “Marking time” and not actually fighting the fight is equally stupid.  The Enemy will either wait you out, or chase you on your heels as the last Joe loads up on a bird.  But since we already know that the President wants to be the one that ends all of America’s long wars, why completely remove coverage? Back in the early years of the war, we had more than just two fronts. The majority of the media stories bounced back and forth between Afghanistan and Iraq, depending on which theater was “hotter” at any given time. Now that we are down to just Afghanistan, why is nothing being said? It’s the only point of interest left to the people that still have loved ones over there. Dick and I agree that years ago we had oversaturation of news coverage, there were as many damn reporters running around as there were asshat insurgents! Our Mommas (and favorite single dancing moms) worried more than they should have because every time they turned on the tube, there was live sat feed of our brothers smoke-checking Allah lovers. Every news network. For motherfucking years.

Years ago we had oversaturation of news coverage, there were as many damn reporters running around as there were insurgents! Mommas worried more than they should have because of incessant sat-feed reports on every news network. Now it’s just the opposite.

Now it’s just the opposite, No news at all.

We’re sure families are just as worried because of LACK of stories. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Why? Are we just going to collectively ignore, as a Nation that this war is still on? That we still have boys out there with their dicks on the chopping block every single fuckin’ day? There are other things we’ve noticed.  Other stories of interest, places of conflict, people of question we no longer hear about at all. As if Joseph Kony and the LRA have given up killing and decided to open a food bank. Giving weapons to the Syrians seems like no big deal. Remember that whole Benghazi thing? Me neither. Apparently people only care about today’s story, and nothing from yesterday. Either that or the media is pushing its agenda harder than ever before.

Here is another question. What do we GAIN by ignoring the war in Afghanistan? Granted Combat operations are grinding to a halt and most every unit (the conventional ones anyway) are staying closer to the big bases by now. Why the snub though? We left Iraq December 18th of 2011, with little to no fanfare. It was barely mentioned in the news. Several months later we were still running into Iraq vets who didn’t get the memo. Unless you were actively watching specifically for it, it was easy to miss. Blink and you missed the end of a nine year long war.

By the way, these images are only a few days old.

If you read the Duo at all, you know we’re not conspiracy theorists. Some of these crackpot tinfoil ideas give us a laugh, or leave us wondering WTAF? We’d like to see Alex Jones dropped in a bear pit with Sean Hannity and Keith Olbermann for a 3-man gladiator fight.  Still, there has to be a better explanation than just the suggestion that the government wants us to ignore the war. You’d think…but this seems like de facto censorship. Unless the vast majority of the country just don’t want to hear about it anymore. (Grunts: de facto)

Playing ostrich, engaging in wishful thinking or flat-out denial is not gonna make the bad men go away. That’s what 5.56, 7.62 match grade and JDAMs are for.

Some peoples’ resolve to give dirtbags a dirtnap in third world countries may have waned, but ours hasn’t. Mine hasn’t. Just ask Swingin’ Dick – his hasn’t either. I love packing cemeteries full of assclowns who want to hurt Lady Liberty, and I don’t care what shitty America-hating country they come from. This war isn’t over just yet folks. Doesn’t matter if ignore it, not by a damn long shot. This ain’t the Cold War; this is an ongoing global fight against every Jihadi still breathing – and remember, they’re breeding. It doesn’t have a scheduled end date. It’s going to end when the side that wants victory the most does what’s required to win it. Playing ostrich, engaging in wishful thinking or flat-out denial is not gonna make the bad men go away. That’s what 5.56, 7.62 match grade and JDAMs are for. That’s what our triggerpullers are still out there for, regardless of whether we remember them and their personal little slice of hell or not.

What do you guys think? Am I going nuts here? Do you see the same bullshit on the wall? Is this censorship through silence? Or is it just a less sinister but far sadder commentary on what all those people in front of their TVs care to see?

By the way, here’s something to remember. This week while they were flapping about Obama clown masks and wondering what killed Lisa Robin Kelly, three KIAs from Ft. Campbell were were being processed by mortuary affairs and sent home to their next of kin.


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