A Medal of Honor "winner" (RECIPIENT) on video

This may be the only video we’ve ever seen of a fight in which the Medal of Honor was won (earned) in which the Medal of Honor “winner” (recipient) himself is seen. What do you say about a man who lays down in the the open in the middle of an ambush with a high viz marker panel on top of himself to bring a casevac bird in? As you hopefully already know, Capt. Will Swenson, United States Army, is to be awarded the Medal of Honor. This was the same ambush in the Ganjgal Valley in which Cpl. Dakota Meyer performed the actions earned him (again, earned) his Medal of Honor; it also led to an AR 15-6 investigation into what we believe was criminal negligence on the part of the officers in charge of authorizing and delivering support to the guys on the sharp end. We could spout a lot of platitudes, but that would just demean everyone in the video, from the Soldier, three Marines and Corpsman who died to the pilots who were pulling casualties out under fire to the man who will soon be awarded this country’s highest military award for valor.

Edited note: So we’re clear, and so people will put attention back where it belongs (Capt. Swenson) instead of a semantic issue. One does not win the Medal of Honor; Capt. Swenson is not a winner of the Medal of Honor, he is (or will be) a recipient. It is earned. “Most Valuable Player” is an award that is won – the Medal of Honor is something on an entirely different scale. Please honor all of those who have earned this singular recognition by referring to it properly. There simply is nothing else like “the one they hang around your neck.”

Please take a moment to watch it.

Respectfully, and with humble reverence,

The Mad Duo

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