Get your Hands on a Pair of DD’s

Back at NRAAM, Daniel Defense released their 32 round AR-15 magazine. At that time, the only way to get your hands on one was to buy a DD rifle. That’s true no more. The DD Magazine™ is now available directly from Daniel Defense or their distributors. Or, you can win one from us. Read on to learn how…

While several features of the DD Magazine™ had experienced shooters intrigued, it was the 32 round capacity aspect that caused a tactard-interwebs-circle jerk. Short rebuttal for the mall ninjas: why the hell not 32 rounds? It’s with that same affection we threw a Taran Tactical Innovations basepad to kick the capacity up to 37 rounds. And, the mag performed flawlessly.

In all seriousness, people who like to download their magazines can still get a full 30. That said, even when loaded to a full 32 round capacity, the DD magazine is uncommonly effortless to insert on a closed bolt. So embrace the 32.

The baseplate of the DD Magazine™ is impact absorbing. This means you can rest the mag on the ground, uneven rock, or whatever, and it’s sturdier than expected. The textured body of the magazine enables positive grip in even less-than-optimal shooting conditions. No need to un-sophisticate yourself by putting skateboard tape on the mag.

We got a fistful of these DD’s, and it was obvious the mag is different in a good way. Manufactured with carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer, it’s lightweight but not cheap feeling. On a closed bolt and fully loaded to capacity, the DD Magazine™ loads easier than a comparable magazine.

We’ll be testing the DD Magazine™ further for durability, and will advise once we’ve gotten the chance to thoroughly use and abuse it.

Key features rundown:

  • 32-round capacity in the same size magazine as industry-standard 30-round mags
  • Lightweight carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer construction
  • Surface grip feature fpr performance driven control in all situations
  • Improved feed lip design for optimized feeding and reliability
  • Impact absorbing baseplate design for long-lasting durability
  • Enhanced anti-tilt follow for reliable feeding
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning
  • Snag-free design
  • Patent pending
  • Made in the USA

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The DD Magazine™ is available from Daniel Defense HERE.

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4 thoughts on “Get your Hands on a Pair of DD’s

  • July 11, 2016 at 8:13 pm

    So you played with a set of 32DDs and enjoyed it?

  • July 10, 2016 at 8:45 pm

    Will they fit in HK 416? I already ran into that issue with my older PMAGs.

  • July 10, 2016 at 11:26 am

    Hopefully we can get our silly mag ban here in Colorado repealed so that freedom loving Coloradians can enjoy this new mag.

    I won’t be holding my breath though. The retardation in Boulder and Denver is strong and the numbers of people affected by it grow daily.

    • July 17, 2016 at 3:35 am


      Isn’t it time you grabbed your mangina and “manned-up” and use the magazines that your Marxist government deemed “illegal” ? Or like all the sheeple there in Colorado, did you just bend over, grab your ankles and comply with the diktats of the state ?


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