Want to reach a couple hundred thousand qualified and engaged readers —the squared away types, not the crayon-eating window-lickers you’ll find elsewhere. Are you inclined to exploit our extensive social media presence on your behalf? Contact us at SITREP@BreachBangClear.com for some details.

Joint Task Force Awesome is an organization operating strategically at the highest order of discretion. Like a Special Mission Unit of manufacturers, training organizations, and retailers, its function is to keep Breach-Bang-Clear operating operationally – thus keeping you informed, edified, educated, and entertained.

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  1. You’ve come a long way pilgrims !! That makes me happy, which is good for my head and helps me sleep, which is good for my attitude and my general health, which makes me happy. Hence the old adage, “What goes around comes around”! Keep up the good work!!

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