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Freedom Munitions at SHOT Show 2016

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SHOT Update — Freedom Munitions. Freedom Munitions has grown from 50 employees about 3 years ago to 500 today. They are without a doubt going places (maybe next year to the AVNs, with us? Who knows?) They build bullets of every conceivable breed (including new and remanufactured), are collaborating with people like Seekins Precision and EraThr3 and have become the largest direct to consumer ammunition manufacturer in the United States. True story. Plus, they have the great name evar. MOAR FREEDOM PLEASE. And now, Big Joe Neuroth. We apologize again for all the attention he gives to the AVNs. If we didn’t know better, we’d swear he’d have rather been there than SHOT.  Mad Duo

Photography by SEEING RED‘s Taylor Lange.

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Although the corridors and booths of SHOT seem endless, it is in fact possible to navigate them, so I was able to stop by the Freedom Munitions Booth to see what was new. Looks like they have more than a few pretty cool products that may interest a lot of you – I’ll give you a quick rundown and we’ll chase down additional details in the coming weeks.

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The first kewl thing they have going on is the new American Steel line they are introducing. America Steel sounds like a porn star name or an all-metal dildo product line, but it’s not. The line was designed for range use by economical shooters. American Steel has a brass coated steel case. The case is then loaded with the same powder, bullets, and primers that all other Freedom Munitions products use.

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What does that mean for you, the shooter? It means you get the same great performance that you are used to (or at least that I’m used to, ‘cuz I shoot FM) from Freedom Munitions but at a lower cost. Have a problem with shooting ranges that don’t allow steel cased ammo and want to save some money? That problem is now solved with the American Steel line. Right now it’s available only in 9mm, but keep your eyes open for other calibers coming soon.

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Another cool thing that Freedom Munitions is doing is expanding its very popular Hush line of handgun ammunition. This will appeal to handgun or subgun suppressor owners. Freedom Munitions is the only company making 165 grain 9mm ammo, at least that I can find. They also have .40 caliber, 10mm, and .45 Auto in Hush. How awesome is this new subsonic ammo you ask?

Well. I’m glad you asked. It’s awesome enough that SilencerCo is using it to test and evaluate their suppressors.

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A last update from Freedom concerns their pro match line, which was designed to provide match grade competition ammunition at a competitive price (see what I did there?). Pro Match ammunition will now be loaded with Vihtavuori powder (say that three times if you’re shitfaced). Vihtavuori powder is what many people have come to rely on for match grade ammo.

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I saved the best for last: FM will be loading 5.56 77gr ammunition with Vihtavuori. As those of you who aren’t riding the short bus or sporting a neck beard, that’s like getting Mk 262 Match at a price you don’t have to sell a kidney or a lung to afford.

Learn more about Freedom Munitions here. You can find ’em on Facebook right here or follow them on Instagram, @freedommunitions. If you’re a Twitter-er, their handle there is @FreedomMunition.

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Oh, and before I forget — congratulations Penny Pax!  Your victory at last week’s AVN Awards was truly well earned. If any deserved Best Actress in a Porn Movie it’s you! The Submission of Emma Marx series is destined to go down in history as a classic (at least in the ranks of movies I watch online while typing one-handed).

Penny Pax Best Actress AVN Awards 2016
Congratulations Best AVN Actress Penny Pax!

Mad Duo, Breach-Bang & CLEAR!

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