Ryan Hoover “Edge Reality”: Blade Defense Concepts

Ryan Hoover defense against blades
| February 14, 2021
Categories: Knives

Ryan Hoover has implemented a new training program: Edge Reality. Hoover, a self-defense SME and co-founder of Fit To Fight, has trained military and LE personnel from several countries — as well as numerous civilians, professional athletes, and actors too. The new program is intended to instruct basic, effective counter-blade tactics that can be successfully employed under stress.

“The mentality of someone that is going to use a knife is very different than the mentality of someone than somebody that is willing to punch you or even shoot you. The mindset of [that kind of] attacker is, I’m willing to take a piece of steel and get bloody. And feel the life leave somebody.” Ryan Hoover

Ryan Hoover Edge Reality

The program will instruct students to:

Understand the true dangers of knife violence
Recognize and pre-empt potential confrontation
• Enhance problem-solving skills with a principle-based approach
Develop technical proficiency
Marry proven concepts from combat sports with self-defense sensibilities

Says Hoover,

“Knives are the second most commonly used weapon in homicides in the United States. According to the UN, almost half of all homicides in Europe involve a knife, and men in Asia are as likely to die from a knife as from a firearm.”

Makes sense to learn some sort of blade defense on any of those continents, then…maybe the others too!

knife defense concepts with Ryan Hoover


Check out Edge Reality with Ryan Hoover online now. 

Edge Reality Ryan Hoover


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