XS Pistol Sights – New 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

XS Sights is expanding its efforts to keep customers happy. In addition to its No Questions Asked Warranty, the company just announced a new 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee on all of their pistol sights.

As XS Sights explains,

If a customer tries one of XS’s pistol sights – such as the F8, DXT2 Big Dot, or 3-Dot RAM night sights – and is not completely satisfied, the company will swap out their sight set for a different model or even offer a refund if the sight is purchased directly from the company or participating partners.

“As a family-owned business, we believe in exceptional customer service and want those who have never used our sights, or perhaps are new to express sights in general, to feel comfortable trying them risk-free,” said Zack Kinsley, Marketing Manager for XS Sights. “Some shoot Big Dots best while others will prefer the F8 or our 3-Dot RAM night sight because people’s eyes, training, and preferences are different. We want to make it as easy and stress-free as possible for everyone to find the sight system that works best for them and feel confident knowing XS sights are not only the fastest sights in any light, but that you can count on them for speed and accuracy when you need them.”

Exchange or Refund

Customers who want to exchange an XS sight that they bought from a dealer can send their sights directly to XS, and the company will send them a new sight without charge. XS does specify that the customer will need to pay to have the sight sent to them. Customers who purchased an XS pistol sight from a dealer should work directly with the dealer if they want a refund.

The company also says it will exchange for a new product (if one exists) up to 30 days after the original purchase date. Sights that have been installed and test-fired still qualify for exchange or refund. Be advised that you’ll have to provide a photo receipt if the sight was purchased anywhere other than xssights.com.

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XS Pistol Night Sights

XS offers a variety of pistol night sights including the DXT2, RAM, and F*8.

XS Sights Pistol Sights: DXT2, F8, and RAM.
This image found on XS Sights IG page shows a comparison between the DXT2, RAM, and F8 front sights, all of which feature tritium with a photoluminescent colored ring to absorb ambient light.


XS Sights - pistol sights - DXT2, F8, and RAM.
Here is a good look at the difference in the rear sights of each of the lines of XS pistol sights.

DXT2 Big Dot Night Sights

This is a second-generation version of the company’s Big Dot sights, which is available in Optic Yellow and Optic Orange. With a large, high-contrast front and a V-notch rear sight, the DXT2 Big Dot sights drive your focus to the front sight, thus to the downrange threat. The company says this sight offers exceptional front sight visibility in all lighting conditions.

RAM Night Sights

XS Sights’ RAM (radioactive material) night sights are available in bright orange or green. They have the traditional 3-dot tritium notch-and-post sight picture. The rear sight is blacked out to increase contrast against the front sight, which features XS’s proprietary Ember Glow Dot technology that absorbs ambient light and glows in low light. The front tritium lamp in the RAM sight charges the Ember Glow Dot, so the front sight glows brighter than the rear, to keep your focus downrange.

F8  Night Sights

Featuring a figure-eight, inline sight picture for easy two-point alignment, the F8 sights are designed to instantly increase front sight focus thanks to the large (0.160” wide) high- contrast front sight with a photoluminescent orange-colored ring surrounding the tritium. XS says these are excellent personal defense sights for fast target acquisition in all light conditions.

Learn More

For more information or assistance, you can email [email protected] or call (888) 744-4880.

If you need more information on the XS Sights 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, visit xssights.com/30daysatisfaction.

Visit XS Sights to learn more about all of the luminescent sight models they have available.

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