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Greg Wong (SPARTAN117GW)

Microsoft has been hard at work on its next console. It seems that nowadays you can almost expect a slightly updated model every other year, instead of waiting almost a decade for a completely new box as in the past. Today the new XBOX ONE X was finally unveiled and is being hailed as the most powerful console ever made. The new console is also the smallest offering from XBOX ever, which is a welcome change since the first nextgen console was a bit of a battleship when it launched a few years ago.  Not sure how they fit so much voodoo magic in that thing, but here are the specs for the new system.

  • 6 teraflops GPU clocked at 1.172Ghz
  • 12GBs of GDDR5 memory
  • 326GB/s of memory bandwidth
  • 8 million plus pixels
  • HDR
  • Wide color gamut
  • Premium Dolby Atmos sound
  • 4K UHD Blu-ray playback
  • Liquid-cooled vapor chamber
  • NOV 7 release $499
E3 2017 X-Box
The new hardware really pushes for 4k gaming. Even when not being used with a 4K, TV games will look better than ever before, which brings me to my next point: Backward compatibility. Currently, there are over 300 games on the backward compatibility list and those games will also work with the new console. It seems the big companies are beginning to realize that we hate buying the same games over and over for each slight update. Microsoft is also throwing in free updates for those games so that you can play them on the new box. They even went as far as to bring original XBOX games from 2001-2006 as the next big push for backward compatibility. It was funny to see folks being more excited for this than some of the new games that were announced.

Speaking of new titles, some of the stand outs from the press event were Metro Exodus, Assasains Creed Origins, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, and a new sci-fi adventure shooter Anthem.

E3 2017 X-Box

If you’d like to watch the press conference in its entirety, check out the video below.




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About the author: Greg Wong is a former 80-deuce paratrooper (1st Bde; C Co., 1st BSTB to be specific) who later served with the 78th Signal Bn in Japan before going on to spend about two years with the 112th Special Operations Battalion (Airborne). A self-professed Reenactment and MilSim junky and fps gamer, he did his six years active, then a couple more in an Army Reserve CASH in LA before getting out entirely. Many people know him from his participation in Off Duty Gamers, others know him from his consulting on FPS games like Battlefield and Ghost Recon.

He’s active with the 82nd Living History Association and the Jurassic Park Motor Pool, and is a dedicated WWII history buff. A self-deprecating, analytical, good-natured sumbitch, he currently works for both PTS and Ho-Tac.

If loving Greg is Wong, we don’t wanna be right.

Greg’s website is online here. You can also follow him on Instagram, @Spartan117GW, or subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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