A Good Summer for Bourbon

This is gonna be a good summer for bourbon — and that makes it a good summer for everyone. Lots of good news is coming out of the great houses famous distilleries. We’ll give you a quick rundown on what’s headed your way from some Kentucky distilleries — who showed their love for this great nation by filling nearly two million barrels of bourbon last year. Mad Duo

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It’s a Good Summer for Bourbon


Woodford Reserve (@woodfordreserve) has a new Five Malt Distillery Series bourbon available. The new whiskey was apparently inspired by micro-brewed beers. Woodford Reserve Master Distiller Chris Morris (who refers to leaking barrels as “Angels dripping”) says he was trying to make a whiskey that echo the smells and notes from certain beers he preferred.

The Five Malt mash (produced from five separate malt grains) was distilled three times, then put into barrels that previously held Woodford Reserve “Double Oaked Bourbon.” It was left in those barrels for six month and is (or will be) available at the Woodford Reserve Distilleries and some Kentucky retailers. The new bourbon is 90.4 proof and will be sold in .375ml bottles for $49.99.

Golden Trio of Bourbon
What Four Roses Bourbon describes as the “Golden Trio”

Orphan Barrel.

Looking for something a little older? You can now get a bottle of 22-year-old Rhetoric; previous releases in this series were 20- and 21-year old versions (it’s like they’re basing their whiskey on certain athletic pole artists we know). Evidently the stocks for this whiskey were purchased during the earliest years of the Clinton era (but don’t hold that against them). We’re told the mashbill on this bourbon is 86% corn, 8% barley and 6% rye, and was originally made in Louisville’s Bernheim Distillery. Rhetoric 22-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is bottled at 90.4 proof and will retail for $110/bottle.


Last but not least, Four Roses Bourbonwhose Single Barrel Bourbon recently took the double gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, has released their first limited edition bourbon from Master Distiller Brent Elliot (who is also a chemist and the brand’s director of quality). Available in limited quantities only, Elliot’s Select is fourteen years old. Only 8,000 hand-numbered bottles will be available, each with an MSRP of $125/bottle. @fourrosesbourbon.

So get some bourbon and have a damn drink.

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