PenCott Camo at Idex Abu Dhabi

You may have already heard this, but there will be PenCott at Idex in Abu Dhabi. Huzzah!

Rumors that anyone from Strike-Hold! will be wearing Sandstorm or Badlands g-strings are grossly exaggarated, though frankly Lawrence has the legs for it.




“Emirates Defense Technology have been marketing the PenCott patterns in the Middle East, and the “Sandstorm” pattern is now under serious consideration to be the new camouflage pattern for the United Arab Emirates armed forces.

EDT will be showcasing a head-to-toe PenCott-Sandstorm™ camouflaged solution, consisting of combat uniforms, load-bearing equipment, ballistic vests, helmet covers, boots and pouches.  The means also exists to apply the pattern to vehicles and aircraft for a fully integrated, national camouflage program.”

More at Hyde Definition.


Mad Duo, Breach-Bang-CLEAR!

Lawrence Holmsworth of Hyde Definition; HMFIC at Strike-Hold! and general do-gooder for PenCott Camo Patterns.

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