SHOW US YOUR FLAG CONTEST: Independence Day Awesomeness

Okay everybody, check this out. From our headquarters in Freedom, OK and their HQ in Temple, TX comes the bestest team-up since Wolverine and Colossus started the Fastball Special back in Issue #100. Hell, it may be a better team-up than Jack and Coke, or Black and Tan. Our hope is that it’s a suitably awesome giveaway to celebrate this awesome country’s awesome celebration of its awesome Independence Day.

Yep. Legion Firearms has allied with Breach-Bang-Clear to provide our next giveaway. The grand prize? A $1,000.00 gift certificate toward any Legion Firearms Rifle. That’s right. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS.

Want to win?


You’re going to need to send us a picture of your flag. FRAGO: You MUST e-mail them to BreachBangClear(at), do not send via PM (Private Message). This isn’t a Facebook contest, but we do want to share some of the coolness we receive. We will put them on Instagram and we’ll post them in a folder on our Facebook page. We’ll ask people to start liking their favorite pictures, and that may help us determine the winner.

DO NOT send us anything stupid, and by stupid we mean anything that blatantly violates flag etiquette. Don’t be an asshat. Show some respect. We’re looking for a flag on your uniform, on your gear, on your hat while you’re hunting Muj, on your kid’s backpack while he’s hiking with the Boy Scouts – don’t bother with flag bikinis and tits & ass, that’s not what this is about.

Here is the overall prize package. As you can see, in addition to the “gift certificate” there’s a light, mounting rail and remote pressure switch from INFORCE, a broomstick forward grip from Tango Down, a RAMP Rapid Access Magazine Pod from Gear for Grunts Tactical Innovations and one of those kick ass stocks from B5 Systems. All together, with $1,000 in store credit for a Legion rifle (and ONLY a rifle), that’s like…seven million dollars value in grunt money.

Typical deal on the rules. Our decision is final. You’ll have 24 hours to respond or we’ll pick a different winner. You have to be a US citizen and you can’t be a felon. Neither can you be a cannibal, pedophile, necrophiliac or someone who wears a Che Guevara shirt. You have to be 18 to win and you’re responsible for the taxes. In any case of legal ridiculosity we haven’t thought of, you agree by entering to settle disputes with objective reasonableness, and you also agree that getting into a pissing match with a couple of action figures is pretty stoopid.

So, that’s it. CONTEST STARTS NOW. Send us those images, and send contact info along with ’em. If you put them on our Facebook wall publicly you’re disqualified. Sorry.

We’ll accept images through July 5th, then will take the weekend to determine the winner.

Mad Duo, Breach-Bang-CLEAR!

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