USA Today Rifle Mods – Four Things They Missed

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USA Today Rifle Mods – Four Things They Missed

Mad Duo

You’ve likely seen the imagery from USA Today’s recent tomfuckery about AR15s.

They talked about a few mods (red dots, vertical foregrips, etc.) but they missed a few. Here are some we thought of — what are we missing? Let us know. There really ought to be a lineup of these somewhere.

1. Underbarrel Assault Clown

USA Today AR15 Modifications

2. Phased Plasma Rifle in a 40 Watt Range

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3. Magazine sword base plate (warning: not suitable for drum mags, and looks like ISIS)


4. Clever Girl rail-attach velociraptor.

So, what else should be on this list?

By the way, we’re aware there are a handful of real chainsaw bayonets out there. We just think it’s stupid for anyone to act as though they’re commonplace, readily available, or used in any serious way.

C’mon USA Today, and news media in general. If you want to have a discussion, let’s discuss — but how about we be serious, and academic? This sort of disingenuous and inflammatory “reporting” just helps perpetuate the already entrenched tribalism of the gun control debate.

Seriously. The media has become a fucking caricature of itself.

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2 thoughts on “USA Today Rifle Mods – Four Things They Missed

  • November 15, 2017 at 8:48 pm

    Someplace to attach my iPhone 10…you know, so I can take selfies for Instagram. I want the entire world to know just how tactical I am…#sotactical #tacticalAF

  • November 8, 2017 at 9:57 pm

    I’d like a mig welding attachment for when I’m in the garage working, but need to handle an errant wasp or hornet.

    That’s safe, right?

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