US Palm Helmet Battery Pouch

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Balancing the weight of your NODs can be a pain in the ass. One way to do so is to store your batteries in a case mounted to your helmet. US PALM makes just such a case. It holds 12 AA batteries, has a split pocket for smaller batteries (like the 2032s for your optic) and has a Velcro field for nametapes, morale patches, etc.  The pouch mounts to your helmet with screws or hook & loop. It’s made of 500D Cordura and is currently available in A-TACS AU, Black, Coyote, MultiCam and Ranger Green.

*Insert wistful sigh wishing for good ole woodland camo here.*

US PALM Helmet Battery Pouch 2 US PALM Helmet Battery Pouch 3 US PALM Helmet Battery Pouch 4


US PALM Helmet Battery Pouch 1

You can check out the US PALM helmet battery case here on their website.

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