Update on Breach Bang Clear loot

The “Bang Patch” and more t-shirts available.

We recently announced we had opened a small t-shirt shop along with Article 15 Clothing (and by the way, thanks for the response!). Today we’d like to let you all know that we’ve restocked on PVC Breach Bang Clear “Bang Patches”.

Yes, we want your money. No, we are not ashamed to admit it. Those single dancing moms won’t tip themselves and bullets are expensive.

Breach Bang Clear bang patch 3 Breach Bang Clear bang patch 1 Breach Bang Clear bang patch 2

Additionally, for those of you who enjoy such nerdliness as much as we do, we will have a female version of our “Trial by Combat: Tactical Tyrion” up for sale this Friday:

Tactical Tyrion female shirt

Keep up with latest developments in Breach-Bang-Clear loot in our section on Article 15 Clothing. You can reach it at knife hand the world (dot) com: www.knifehandtheworld.com.

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