Ultimate Sheep Rifle – a Lightweight Hunting Build

What came first, lightweight hiking or lightweight hunting? We’d like to think it was lightweight hunting. Man has been hunting since the beginning of time. And the lightweight aspect was probably a thing before it was a coined term.

This article was brought to you today by PROOF Research: carbon fiber perfected means perfect precision barrels.

Ultimate Sheep Rifle

Why a Professional Hunter Chose PROOF Research

Breach-Bang-Clear News Team

About three months ago, an idea was conceived: build the ultimate Sheep Rifle. Jason Hairston of KUIU Ultralight Hunting was the SME for the Remington Custom Shop rifle build and the driving force behind its purpose. Hairston isn’t just some dude who stumbled into this industry by happenstance; hunting was life for Hairston’s family. He recalls his dad reading stories about great bow hunters and the family shooting in the backyard every night after supper. Long story short, Hairston is an entrepreneur, professional hunter, and an expert in his field.

The title of Ultimate Sheep Rifle seems profoundly specific. But when you identify goals, they say you should be very specific in what you want. Hairston hunts a lot of sheep in remote, hard-to-reach locations. What did he want? A rifle. What did he want it for? Sheep. Makes enough sense to brand it with said appellation. Really, it’s a lightweight rifle that you could use for hunting several types of animals.

Hairston selected components that would meet his needs, but are also some of the best on the market. It’s no surprise to us he went with a Proof Research carbon fiber wrapped barrel. When planning the build, Hairston’s requirements were:

– As light as possible

– As accurate as possible

– An action that is consistent, reliable and can take abuse

The Remington Custom Shop guided Hairston on the selection of Proof Research due to the ability to shave up to 2.2 lbs off the barrel, thanks to the carbon fiber wrapped feature. And they reported “zero adverse effects in accuracy” with the lighter Proof Research barrel.

Get all the info on part one of the build here:


 Follow the build blog here:


What would you hunt with a lightweight rifle?

That’s not a rhetorical question. We’ve got a supremely qualified and engaged readership — we’d be foolish not to ask for its opinion.

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This article was lovingly prepared for you by the Breach-Bang-Clear News Team.

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About PROOF Research, Inc. in their own words:

PROOF Research is a science-driven defense/aerospace company, based in Northwest Montana, committed to developing next-generation materials and composites to produce carbon fiber barrels and weapons systems that lighten warfighter load while increasing durability and effectiveness. PROOF Research’s goal is to make reduced weight, unsurpassed durability, and match-grade accuracy a reality for all of its customers. Headquartered in Columbia Falls, Montana, PROOF Research maintains sales and manufacturing centers in Montana and Dayton, Ohio.

2 thoughts on “Ultimate Sheep Rifle – a Lightweight Hunting Build

  • July 11, 2017 at 3:31 am

    I looks like the whole rifle is 4 lbs, 12.4 ounces if I did the math properly. An 8 ounce action, in particular, is pretty impressive. Chambered in 6.5 CM, it’ll be “manageable” but, unless your shoulder is made of iron, not an all day shooter – which is OK for hunting, I suppose. Even if I were to throw in a few ounces of bedding compound, it’s a 5lb rifle w/o rings/optics, sling. Supposing we keep it all American, you could throw a DNZ one piece ring/base setup with a Trijicon Accupower on it, kit it out with a sling of some sort and have roughly a 7-8 lbs rifle. That’s actually pretty reasonable. Still light, but not preposterously so. I didn’t see anything about choice for optics, etc….so, I am curious to see how that ends up. You could use something significantly heavier than a 17 ounce AccuPower, after all…

    • July 11, 2017 at 4:27 am

      Note: I had to check on the Remington Blog…could not view the embedded media here at “work.” That’s where I pulled the weights from:

      Action: 8 ounce Rem 700 Ti

      Stock: 1lb 6 ounce Manners EH8

      Barrel: 2 lbs 10.4 ounce, Proof Research, Sendero Light, unchambered

      Trigger: 1.6 ounce, Timney

      Notably, Remington lists the weight as 5.6 lbs…so, I clearly goofed somewhere (no bolt weight?). Call it a 7.5 lb total package with lightweight base, rings, glass and sling then. Also notable: $5900. A bit rich for my blood, but then I’m not a professional hunter.


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