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Meanwhile, in Slovenia…the guys working their tactical magin in Trzin would like you to know about Camoshield. So here ya go. 

UF Pro Tactical Apparel | Combat uniforms, rain protection, thermal gear and every day carry tactical clothing.

Nightvision is becoming increasingly common. While hardly ubiquitous, advances in technology and manufacturing processes have definitely made it more accessible to more people in more places. While this not a Bad Thing, it can certainly be problematic for military personnel accustomed to owning the night. The same goes for law enforcement officers and units who must factor the possibility, or even likelihood, their quarry possesses NODs into their risk assessment and planning cycle.

To counter this difficulty, UF Pro has released Camoshield, a thermal infrared protection measure. They advise it will hide your near-infrared signature and your thermal infrared signature by bringing your surface termperature down to “…as little as as little as 10° C.” (50° F)

UF Pro Tactical Apparel | Combat uniforms, rain protection, thermal gear and every day carry tactical clothing.

As UF Pro describes it,

Night vision is now so inexpensive and widely available that it’s practically everywhere. As a result, military and law-enforcement field units have been clamouring for an effective countermeasure that can keep them concealed in the dark. Introducing Camoshield™, a new technology developed by SSZ Camouflage and Schoeller Textil AG that gives you:

•Permanent multispectral camouflage effect

•Maximum wearing comfort

•Minimal weight

•Superb protection against the elements

UF Pro’s Camoshield can be “stacked” with other technologies they use in their uniforms, including Pyroshell flame retardancy and INZECTIC insect protection.

Alas, Camoshield is currently sold to military and LE units only, and then only in volume. Learn more about it right here on the UF Pro Camoshield website.

UF Pro Tactical Apparel | Combat uniforms, rain protection, thermal gear and every day carry tactical clothing.

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