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Founded nearly a decade and a half ago in the hardwood-pine forests of South Carolina by Rusty Sellars, TrueTimber has become an iconic outdoor camouflage brand (vs. tactical, we mean). It became a very popular brand very quickly and just seems to get better (and more popular) with age. We’re advised they’ve now updated their customers’ ability to navigate their various camouflage patterns, camouflaged gear, and licensed relationships with a new website. That new (as of this writing mind you) TrueTimber site is said to give users a “…streamlined outdoor experience.” Your mileage and experience may vary, but it damn sure does show off their patterns well. The site will now feature some of their top partners, outdoor gear, accessories, True Timber Camo news, and — most importantly to many of you reading this — a comprehensive guide for licensing and where to buy it.

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The new TrueTimber website is live.

True Timber Camo Partners

The new website, which includes such firearm brands as Mossberg, Benelli, Beretta, Winchester, and others, can be found at Not a gunner? Prefer loosing broadheads in proper yeoman archer or kyodo fashion? They also work with Ten Point, Killer Instinct, Bear Archery, Excalibur, and some others. Hell they even have fishing camo. We’re not entirely sure why someone needs that (threats of Mega-Pirahna aside), but who are we to judge?

Mega Pirahna attack


Camo Patterns

TrueTimber has several patterns of camouflage for your cammie pleasure.

True Timber camo patterns
Some of the hunting (and fishing) camouflage from TrueTimber.

Here’s a basic overview of what you’ll see as you cruise through the site. Note that these patterns are limited to camouflage clothing. It’s available on an array of stuff, up to and including offroad vehicles and ATVs by such manufacturers as Kawasaki, Suzuki, CFMOTO, and others.

TrueTimber Kinata camo
The KINATA camouflage pattern.


TrueTimber Strata camouflage
The STRATA pattern of camouflage.


Another look at the STRATA pattern. MC2 camo
Cammied up in MC2.


HTC Green for Spring Turkey hunting.
HTC Green for Spring Turkey season.


DRT camo pattern
DRT camo pattern hunting camo from


MC2 snow camouflage pattern
WOLVERINES! Just kidding, though it would be great for use hunting dirty Commies during winter; it’s a TrueTimber snow camo pattern. MC2 snow camouflage specifically.


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and now…

Fishing Camo

Because you can.

VIPER fishing camouflage
Break up your outline and disguise movement – it’s a good idea when fishing, but not much defense against a sharknado. Or Mega Pirahna.



Mega Piranha kick
He’s wearing a black t-shirt with camouflage pants. A solid color like that (especially one that isn’t found in nature) will not protect you from Mega Piranha.


True Timber RIFT fishing camo
The RIFT pattern of fishing camouflage.


True Timber Trivia

• Did you know that TrueTimber founder/Ceo Rusty Sellars worked in a Tool & Die shop for over a decade before launching what has become a nationally-recognized brand? In 1994 he was 50% owner in a textile fabric company his father had started but evidently, things went pear-shaped and a year later the company was sold unexpectedly. At the urging of (or somehow inspired by) Mrs. Sellars, he started their own business in ’95, selling textile products from their carport and small warehouse.

Pretty kewl, eh?

• Do you remember their original lineup?

In 2008, TrueTimber began expanding the variety of patterns they offered to customers. Those early patterns included: Hidden, Harvest, Conceal Brown, Flooded Timber, and MC2. Some of our readers probably still have gear in one or more of those patterns.


We’ll be updating this periodically. More soon. Meantime, learn more at; find ’em on Facebook at /TrueTimberCamo/. Connect via Instagram @truetimbercamo.


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