Trigger Warning: the Gay Trans Gun Club

Trigger Warning: the Gay Trans Gun Club

Mad Duo

More of this, say we.

“Trigger Warning members say the point is self-defense, empowerment, and a sense of community in an unlikely place.”


We make “ass bandit” and “peter puffer” jokes as a matter of course because our humor is coarse — but we play gay chicken and enjoy homoerotic innuendo too. Hell, Hernandez and Reeder once admitted they watched Glee, though in fairness most of us were hoping Brittany and Santana would kiss. And let’s face it…Sue Sylvester says some funny shit.

In all seriousness though, we’d like to see more of this. And we hope they do it right. The greatest challenge these folks will (likely) face is acquiring good training and informed perspective. It’s hard for any new shooter to sort the wheat from the chaff, harder still if the new shooter is a female without acquaintances in the firearms world. Imagine how hard it will be it will be for the LGBTQwtfe+ community.

Learn more about them in the “about” section of their Facebook page. Just keep in mind while they may have a liking for firearms, they (understandably) don’t appear to be huge fans of conservatives, or for that matter, law enforcement:

4) We acknowledge that the police have helped to foment the current crisis of violence and intimidation facing our community through their support for Donald Trump.

That’s an unfortunate opinion, but one they have a right to.

Still, nothing in the Second Amendment limits gun ownership to a people who look or think a certain way. In fact, nowhere Seriously, it doesn’t — feel free to double-check if you’d like, you can read the whole thing right here on the Constitution Center website; if you don’t like that version of it, Cornell University’s law school has a pretty good rundown here.

Fingers crossed, someone points out a few good training videos to them. Better yet that they find their way to some decent training organizations like Centrifuge, Defoor Proformance, Graham Combat, MDFI, Rockwell Training Group, Raidon Tactics, Sage Dynamics, TRICON, Victory First, Viking Tactics, the Way of the Gun, and others like them; and that they never, ever choose VODA.

Now cue the butthurt (no pun intended) this post engenders.

Grunts: engender.

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One thought on “Trigger Warning: the Gay Trans Gun Club

  • October 31, 2017 at 5:04 pm

    “…and we will try hard to forget the police response to the Pulse nightclub active shooter incident.”


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