Tactical "Just the Tip" of the Day: Holsters

You know what’s stupid? MSNBC is. Having a wank after applying Tiger Balm or some other liniment is stupid (grunts: liniment). Putting ketchup on steak is stupid.

And so is training on the range with a holster you don’t normally use, while neglecting the one you will almost certainly have to draw from should you wind up having to smoke-check some asshole.

This is Aaron Cown of Sage Dynamics. We’ve run his stuff before and we like what he has to say. He is the very first in what we hope will be an ongoing series we’re going to call ‘Your Tactical ‘Just the Tip’ of the Day.”

Speaking of which, if you’re an SME and you want to vent about something, let us know. We thought this idea up in a moment of tequila-fueled brilliance and then haven’t done any more with it. We need some more “Just the Tip” of the Days.

For now though, listen to what Aaron has to say.




About the Author: Aaron Cowan is the Lead Instructor for Sage Dynamics, a reality-focused firearms and tactics training company that provides practical instruction for the civilian, police and military professional.  Aaron served in the US Army as an Infantryman,  as a private security contractor and police officer with over ten years combined experience including time as a SWAT team member, SWAT deputy team commander, SWAT sniper, sniper section leader and in-service police training officer.  Aaron holds multiple professional certifications including certifications from the National Rifle Association Law Enforcement Division’s instructor training program, California POST certified academy instructor, Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT) Active Shooter Response Instructor and Simunitions Scenario Instructor among others.



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