Today, We're Thankful for American Jedi

| November 24, 2016
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Today, We’re Thankful for American Jedi


You may notice that this is largely a repeat of what we were thankful for last year. But you know what? We’ve been thankful for American Jedi since long before the term was invented. And we’ll be thankful for them in the years to come. Sit back, have a beer or five, while reflecting on what servicemen and first responders do for us in this great nation. We sure as hell wouldn’t be here in the first place without American Jedi, and so long as we continue producing them, we’ll be here as a nation long after anyone reading this has passed on.

Our American Jedi shirt continues to be one of our most popular designs. We have a male version, female version and a hoodie that your spouse will steal. What’s an American Jedi, you ask? Here are a few in action:


American Jedi 2

American Jedi 8

Image: A FDNY firefighter works to cut through the roof of a building, while fighting a major fire in the Brooklyn borough of New York

American Jedi respond to shooting

American Jedi 12

American Jedi -Animated 11

Sometimes American Jedi are girls 3


American Jedi have been around for a long time.


American Jedi - Joe Rosenthal photo

American Jedi -Animated 9

American Jedi William Goldsborough

American Jedi Maj. William Goldsborough of the 2nd Maryland Infantry, WIA by a musket ball that went completely through him front to back. Major Goldsborough’s brother Charles was also an American Jedi, but one who served in the Union Army as a surgeon. They met twice during the war.

Sometimes American Jedi work with fire and lead.

American Jedi Animated 2

American Jedi -Animated 3


Sometimes American Jedi don’t deal in violence at all.

American Jedi 19

One of the students came to class with her kid because she didn’t have a sitter. The baby started to cry so his mom, embarrassed, got up to leave. The professor took the kid, calmed him down, and continued to instruct. He is an American Jedi.

Compassion is one of the worthiest traits of an American Jedi, no matter how they dress or if they ever wear a uniform.

American Jedi 17

American Jedi 18

American Jedi 16

American Jedi -Animated 13

Sometimes American Jedi are crusty old contrary fellows, all dick and backbone but damned dangerous nonetheless.

American Jedi John Burns

John Burns. Though not a soldier, he fought at Gettysburg, where he was wounded five times. He was 70 years old and “dressed in his best coat” for the fight.

American Jedi - Miculek

Sometimes they’re not very old at all.

American Jedi Ruby Bridges

American Jedi Ruby Bridges, the first black child to attend and all-white school in Louisiana. Said one of the other American Jedi there keeping her safe, “She showed a lot of courage. She never cried. She didn’t whimper. She just marched along like a little soldier, and we’re all very very proud of her.”

American Jedi Emery Benson 2

American Jedi Emery Bensen, awarded the Boy Scout Honor Medal for saving the life of a drowning child.

American Jedi come in many sizes, shapes and colors. Although all serve their country and community and accomplish great things, some do it in different ways (and not always in a uniform).

American Jedi 14

American Jedi Sinew Riley and other Indian Scouts

Sgt. Sinew Riley, United States Indian Scouts (2nd from right) speaks with retired US Scout Black Lariat near Ft. Huachuca, April 1942.

American Jedi Satwant Singh Kaleka

American Jedi Satwant Singh Kaleka, 65, murdered at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin — he was charging the gunman with a butter knife when he was shot.

Sadao_Munemori American Jedi

American Jedi Sadao Munemori, 442nd RCT, Medal of Honor Recipient, KIA 05 APR 45 in the service of a country that wasn’t treating his people the right way at all. He was the only Japanese American to be awarded the MoH during WWII (though 20 others were posthumously awarded later). The 442nd Regimental Combat Team was comprised almost entirely of Nisei. Earning over 18,000 individual awards, it remains the single most decorated fighting unit for its size and length of service in the history of the United States military.

Some American Jedi were famous.

American Jedi Johnny Cash

USAF Korean War veteran Johnny Cash, a SIGINT specialist who apparently purchased his first guitar while stationed in Germany.

Some of their names we’ll never know.


The first Tomb of the Unknowns, 1922.

American Jedi often have a sense of humor.

American Jedi -Animated 10

American Jedi EOD Dance

American Jedi 7

American Jedi 15


We here at Breach-Bang-Clear believe in American Exceptionalism. We believe American Jedi can come from any political party and any religion, or none. We ask you to exemplify this ethos. Teach your children to do the same.

American Jedi 2


American Jedi -Animated 2

American Jedi Chillin

American Jedi Emery Benson


Click the image to get an American Jedi shirt. Live your life right to be one.

Mad Duo, Breach-Bang& CLEAR!

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  1. TacMed

    Well done.

  2. strych9

    If I saw a cop do a stoppie on a issued motorcycle I’d laugh so hard I might just shit myself.

    Unless of course he wrecked… in which case I’d see if he needed help before chewing his ass out for thrashing a bike I helped pay for.

  3. Hem90

    The different types of courage and compassion coming from this diverse group of Americans gets me hype.

  4. Eddie

    Let’s also give thanks to! And for, the American Jedi who penned this article!!

  5. 2hotel9

    BOOYA!!!!!! I too am thankful to and for all my brothers and sisters who stand tall when it costs them most. Happy Thanksgiving and God bless you all.


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