Footage from the Fight for El Chapo

First, we’d like to extend our heartfelt admiration to the dudes rolling into a firefight wearing track suits. As one of Ed‘s readers put it, “When you go on a raid in a track jacket, you are ballin’ on another level.” You’ll see what we mean when you watch this footage from the fight for El Chapo.

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Just a few days ago Joaquín Guzmán, AKA “El Chapo”, was recaptured in Los Mochis, Sinaloa during “Operation Black Swan.” Hell, we call even odds he’ll dig his way to freedom yet again (we’ve already made a betting pool). The head of the famed Sinaloa cartel has done it more than once, after all.

Mexican Marines along with other forces brought him in. The Mexican Marine Corps (officially called the Naval Infantry Force) and the United States Marine Corps are quite different, despite having the same name. They were originally founded to provide port and maritime security for the Mexican Navy, but their role was latterly expanded to help combat drug traffickers, organized crime, and perform other anti-drug and anti-cartel operations.

No, there is no Posse Comitatus Act in Mexico.

Warning: Violent Content (NNSFW)

15 minutes of footage was leaked from a helmet cam of one of the Mexican Marines, and the video feed appears to be from someone in a leadership position. While watching this, some minions noted that some tactics appear to be American in origin, which shouldn’t be terribly surprising as combating the drug trade has been an American interest since at least Nancy Reagan (though we wouldn’t go so far as to say it confirms RUMINT that US Federal and JSOC personnel were assisting). Note that apparently this specific footage is actually from part of the operation tasked with one of El Chapo’s sicarios (which was running concurrently with the operation to grab the Narco boss).

Watch the video and share your thoughts with us. Bear in mind that despite the increase in mission, this is still a predominantly military force assuming a law enforcement role with a high value target (and one that had RPGs and .50 cal weapons on site, according to Fuerza de Infantería de Marina personnel).

Footage from the Fight for El Chapo

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Warning: NSFW Violent Imagery Below

As always, if you’re interested in the border (and you should be; the narcos are every bit as barbaric as Daesh) you should read Borderland Beat. There’s much more information on this story right here.

Guzman Bodyguards Killed 3 Guzman Bodyguards Killed 2 Guzman Bodyguards Killed 1 chapo shootout mochis

chapo marina storming house chapo house escape tunnel chapo los mochis home marina storms

Guzman Bodyguards Killed 4 Guzman Bodyguards Killed 5

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3 thoughts on “Footage from the Fight for El Chapo

  • January 12, 2016 at 2:28 pm

    I know some folks who don’t know better will be along to complain that these guys didn’t look like CoD tactics but I thought they did pretty damn good. All that “flow into the room” stuff sounds great until there are guys inside throwing rounds out the door at you. They stayed fairly organized, the boss maintained a command presence and made sure all the corners were covered and the guys didn’t back out or run when things got hot. Not to mention, that interior setup was a shit storm tactical nightmare. Especially that stairwell, I wouldn’t have wanted to be the first guy to stick my head up there.

    If anything, I thought they were too nice with the individuals they captured. Not saying they should give them the boot to the head but in that situation I wouldn’t have been so easy with them. Tossing them in a corner and a boot on the neck is infinitely called for strictly for control purposes.

    I was glad to see that they had medical assets and were treating their wounded at the front. Too many indig troops seem to not appreciate medical even when it is their own guys.

    As for the Baller in the track suit, I am betting that he was on a recon/surveillance team in a plain clothes capacity and then rolled in hot once the assault commenced.

    • January 13, 2016 at 6:29 pm

      “As for the Baller in the track suit…”

      This description made me laugh petty hard.

      • January 14, 2016 at 8:18 am

        Gata bring what you got right?

        I’d wager this is going to turn into a thing…


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