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We here at Breach-Bang-Clear are big advocates of dry fire training (BIG), particularly with your choice of daily carry. We can’t all get to the range every day, so it’s a cheap and easy way to stay smooth on your draw stroke, practice different forms of reloads, and become overall more familiar with your firearm. Recently the company Laser Ammo has released a new IR laser training unit to help facilitate your dry fire training sessions.We’re debating about trying it out and thought we’d see what you guys had to say.

The “SureStrike L.A.S.R” offers the following:

“The SureStrike L.A.S.R. IR Range is the first and only laser and software combination. It includes the L.A.S.R. Pro software to provide the user with instant feedback on shot placement and times. When shooting the SureStrike, the software detects laser pulse and emits an audible tone, marks the location of the shot, and notes the time. The SureStrike L.A.S.R. IR Range will improve the value of your dry fire sessions, ensuring your marksmanship fundamentals are sound, by seeing where the shot would have landed. You can practice nearly any drill that you would normally do at the range, and see your shot placement and times, so you know exactly how you are improving or what you need to work on without the visible red laser as an added challenge.”

The long and short of it is that you don’t have a visible laser beam being shown, like other similar units. Some people feel that with the visible ”red dot” type units, you end up chasing the laser, i.e. looking more for the beam of light (for immediate gratification) rather than on the fundamentals of ‘firing’ the gun. Just like how you cannot see a live round streak down range, (well, maybe some of you can with mousefart gamer reloads) you cannot see the infrared beam of the SureStrike L.A.S.R.

Check out the specs of what the kit contains:

  • L.A.S.R. Pro Software
  • 9mmSureStrikeTMIRcartridgewithdedicatedtargetactivator/simulatorcap
  • User guide
  • .40 S&W caliber adaptor
  • .45 ACP caliber adapter
  • .223 Rem caliber adapter
  • IR camera


Coming in as it does at a MSRP of $550.00, this package isn’t going to appeal to everyone. We do think it’s an interesting product though, and wonder if it might just be a training tool worth investing in.  Check it out at the link below, and let us know what you think of the kit if you pick one up. We are always looking for a better way to stay sharp between range sessions.


Mad Duo, Breach-Bang & CLEAR!


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  • July 6, 2014 at 2:20 am

    I think if used, the reset trigger would be a must…


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