The Russian "Trauma Gun"

If you think it’s fun to play dodgeball in the barracks with a kevlar filled with gravel, think of how awesome it would be if opposing squads spent an entire night drinking and doing some MOUT stuff with these…via Firearms Talk.

The PB-4 OSA (Russian for “Wasp”) is a break-open four barreled derringer type pistol that will not accommodate any known firearm cartridge. Made of polymers and aircraft grade aluminum, the gun will contain almost no steel other than the occasional screw. It fires one chamber at a time and is double-action-ish, as you do not have to cock a hammer. A 9-volt battery powers the electric ignition of the proprietary gas cartridges. In Russia, it is officially known as a ‘traumatic gun’ and when you look at the rounds, you can tell why.

OSA Ammo

It fires a 15.3mm (.60-caliber) phenolic rubber bullet with a metal core. This round fires out at about 400-fps which packs a heck of a wallop. It pokes holes in paper targets but penetrates less than an inch in ballistic gelatin (after 15-feet). At ranges less than that, especially if making a headshot, it can be lethal. For those who want more of a distraction to allow for a quick getaway, there is a non-projectile flash-bang cartridge that sounds like a shotgun going off and shoots out a two-foot long muzzle flash. It can also shoot a flare round to 100-feet high for signaling purposes (for lost hunters, boaters, etc.).

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