The Dredge Report: 10 Things to Know 31 May 17

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This edition of the Dredge Report is brought to you in part by GEMTECH. ‘Cuz sometimes you just wanna do it quietly.

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The Dredge Report – 31 May 17

Breach-Bang-Clear News Team

Here are a few things we dredged up from yesterday, in case you missed ’em. You can look at some interesting updates in Guns, Gear, Outdoor, Knives, Optics, Learning, Training, Tactical Tech, Apparel, Military Matters, or Watch Pr0n.



Croatians in the wild. The Firearm Blog has been tracking VHS 5.56 x 45 bullpup rifle sightings in Iraq. There’s a pretty good summary here by Ronaldo Olive.

 SLIDIN’! Grey Ghost Precision has some bitchin’ new Glock slides up for pre-order. Check ’em out. 

 Co-Witness this. Mounting Solutions Plus has a new mounting spacer for the Aimpoint Pro.

Click the link to learn more about the new mounting option from MSP.




SKD (you’ll remember them from their awesome PIG gloves) has a badass new notebook cover wallet for Rite in the Rain and other notepads out. (Note: it’s the PIG, but it’s not pigskin).

Click the image to see various perspectives and all its features.





 Now hear this.  Knife News recently reviewed the Gerber Edict, a folding knife they describe as a “workhorse.” Take a read.



“…using blank targets is a poor way to teach people how to shoot.” Claude Werner, the “Tactical Professor,” is continuing one of several series he maintains. You should read “Spot Shooting.” No, seriously, read it.



 Cyber Operations, operationally operational. A company called Yubico recently released a hardware security key called the Yubikey. It’s a USB tool designed for two-factor authentication (better for securing your laptop, you knuckledraggers).

 Witness that – and report it. The National Sheriffs Association released an updated BlackBox Digit Witness App at the National CounterTerrorism Conference last week. It’s not a substitute for dialing 911, but it could damn sure come in handy.


Military Matters

 Transparent Armor – Defense Update is reporting on a possible upgrade to extant armored windows for military and LE vehicles.

Watch Pr0n

 Stay gold, Pony Boy. Suunto has a new sports watch, the Spartan, for the “discerning female athlete.” Handmade in Finland, with real-time GPS tracking, clear color touch screen, and…well, just read about it.


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This edition of The Dredge Report was brought to you in part by the righteous riflery of American Defense Manufacturing.


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  • June 1, 2017 at 7:18 am

    I like/read the training related posts, and tend to skip over gear, knives, guns. Some of the factoids are interesting, but the Mil/Leo stuff doesn’t relate to me.

    Is that helpful?


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