The Dredge Report – 24 May 17

We’re gonna keep doing these on occasion until we figure out what works best. We don’t reckon you’ll mind. Right now we’re thinking maybe we do one each Wednesday and Sunday. What say you? Mad Duo

This article was brought to you in its entirety by PROOF Research – best damn rifle barrels in the world. (No shit.)

The Dredge Report – 24 MAY 17

Breach-Bang-Clear News Team

Here are a few things we dredged up from yesterday, in case you missed ’em. Today you can look at some interesting updates in Guns, Gear, Outdoor, Knives, Optics, Learning, Training, Vehicles, and Apparel.


 Springfield XD catastrophic failure. Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics recently advised, “First catastrophic failure of the class. XD. This makes 20 catastrophic XD failures in just over 2 years of tracking handgun failures in classes. This particular XDS experienced an extractor failure that was not repairable. Extractor, grip safety, and trigger bar are the most common failures that render the gun unusable. This is why I don’t recommend the XD for anything, ever, anywhere.” That class later suffered a second failure.

• Next Level Armament. Guns & Tactics takes a look at their MPX Upgrades.

Click the image to read more and watch the video.

  Three Digit Colt. The Firearms Blog recently handled Colt 1900 #454, and we’re duly jealous. 

Click the image to read more about this venerable gentleman.


 Father’s Day coming up fast. Guns & Ammo has a list of suggested goodies for you.



 Warm suspension. Take a look a the UnderQuilt, from Go! Outfitters; it’s a better way to go hammock camping and leave the tent behind.

Click image to read more about the new camp hammock, from waaaay down under.


 Flashpoint Trieste. One of our favorite organizations, Osprey Publishing, has several new books coming out. One is about the would-be Free Territory of Trieste, the Italian city that wishes to be a sovereign state. Trieste was a serious point of friction during the earliest days of the Cold War — it’s first year after WWII was like something from a spy novel. Read more in this blog post by the author.

Click the image to read more about the former seaport of the Austro-Hungarian, its first dangerous year during the Cold war, and how it now wishes to be an independent state.

 Grinding it down. Should you file our revolver’s front sight?

Click the picture to see what he has to say about filing down the front sight of a small defensive revolver.

  Don’t let them steer you. Craig Douglas on movement against multiple assailants.


 ‘Merica! Ford has released a limited edition, Shelby-Ford Performance-Borla, limited edition, F150 in red, white and blue…with 750 horses.


 Vapor Core. Long-time uniform manufacturer Flying Cross is giving away Hybrid Patrol Shirts.

Click the image to enter the contest and watch the video about Vapor Core technology.

Need to know more about dredging? More online here.

This edition of The Dredge Report was brought to you by PROOF Research – carbon fiber barrels for utter precision.


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