Tamara Keel Now One of Our Reg'lars

| September 30, 2017
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Tamara Keel Now A Regular Contributor 

Mad Duo

As many of our perspicacious will remember, Tamara Keel has been writing for us since SHOT Show this year (which was a “good get” if we do say so ourselves). Now she’s finally agreed to begin contributing on a more regular and consistent basis.

Boom baby. 

Who is Tamara Keel? Well, she’s a magnificently witty specimen of gun-toting womanhood who has likely forgotten more about how guns work (and how you should hit what you’re aimin’ at) than most everyone else in our tribe.

Tamara Keel made a living slinging guns across the glass (meaning, she was in the firearm retail business, chuckleheads) for more than 20 years, so it goes without saying she’s been muzzled more times than just about anyone we know.

This is why she gets a little twitchy on occasion.

Tamara writes regularly for in wise array o places, including publications like SWAT Magazine, Concealed Carry Magazine, and Lucky Gunner. She’s currently the Handgun Editor for the NRA’s Shooting Illustrated magazine. But it’s not just on dead trees that she writes — you can catch most of her wit on her blog. She’s into making fun of gun hipsters, shooting bowling pin matches, drinking new craft beers, and collecting old and outdated cameras. You can also catch her on Instagram @tamarakeel .

We’re pretty fucking chuffed not only to have her writing for us, but to see what she says about some of the stoopid people who occasionally weigh in on our articles.

“In a perfect world, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms would be a store with a drive-through window…” Tamara Keel


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  1. Joe

    Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of new names in gun writing, and instructing, and all of them are experts, yeah, right! For me an expert is someone who has achieved superior performance and has experience and knowledge to back up their opinions. A few examples are Farnam, Ayoob, all of the folks at Gunsight, Taffin, Miculek, Head, Clapp, etc. And then there are the guys and gals who have won national competitive championships. People who do not fall into this category are Tamara Keel, Sheriff Wilson, who writes for the NRA and many others.
    Now I’ve been shooting handguns, and been and instructor for almost 30 years and I’m pretty good at what I do. But I’m not an expert, and if I lived another 30 years I still wouldn’t be in the same class as those I mentioned above. So from now on I don’t want to see writing from the likes of Keel and Dabbs without a bio attached to their articles. Having a cute face, or MD, or law enforcement or military service after their names do not firearms experts make. And we need to remember there are people out there who take these folks seriously and believe if they see it on the internet or in a magazine it must be true. This is dangerous and is scares me to think that people are taking advice from these talking heads and are out on the street with me and are carrying guns.


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