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This really isn’t much about punji sticks (or punji stakes, which is what we thought everyone was saying when we were kids). That’s just a somewhat pithy title. This is about puncture proof boots.

This is from a recent installment of the Working Person blog. We figured it might be of interest to some of ya.

Excerpted from the Working Person blog. 

How Tough is Puncture Resistant Footwear?

Whether you work in construction, demolition, mining, rescue, law enforcement, or in a junkyard, the last thing you want to do is step on a sharp object and know it without seeing it.  Other than singing the old tune, “we hate when that happens,” Working Person’s Store offers you a slew of safety boots and shoes to ward off this evil.  Let us explain …

In order to pass these standards, the puncture resistant footwear has to have a special plate between the sole and insole.  This piece must be installed as an integral part of the manufacturing process for that Work Shoe or Boot. Mining boots are great examples of puncture resistance because the tasks that the jobs entail. These hazardous environments require the bottoms of your feet to stay protected to lessen the likeliness of injury. They may also have insulation and an internal met guard, so make sure you look at all the features before you purchase a pair.

Secondly, that piece has to resist corrosion, as we don’t want rain or puddles disintegrating your protection until you’re walking on rust.  So to test this, the guys and gals in the white smocks stick the boots in a special fog chamber.  Then they spray them (100% humidity) with a 5% salt solution for 24 hours. And if that’s not enough, the temperature inside the chamber is about 95 degrees! 

Thirdly, the footwear has to show no signs of cracking after being flexed 1.5 million times (emphasis added).

Finally, the sole must resist a puncture of at least 270 pounds of pressure.

(Which doesn’t do you much good if you weigh 200lbs and are carrying your own body weight in iced mackerel while running through a boobytrap filled warehouse on the docks of a dystopian port city, but really…how often does that happen if you don’t live in Baltimore?)

You can read the remainder of the article here

Puncture resistant boot

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