Tactical Tyrion – the Imp and an M4

Tactical Tyrion is OAF.

Tactical Tyrion Trial By Combat T-shirt2

You know what we think? We think Tactical Tyrion would have been completely good to go in a Trial by Combat, even pitted against the Mountain that Rides. We already know Tyrion Lannister likes dancing moms, which is a serious point in his favor. Now we’d like to see him going Pew pew pew – maybe even shooting Gregor Clegane in the face?  You can keep the First Sword of Braavos and the Dothraki Khal with uncut hair. We’ll take Tactical Tyrion.

Demand a Trial by Combat. Then shoot them in the face. That’s what the Mad Duo says!

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One thought on “Tactical Tyrion – the Imp and an M4

  • June 14, 2014 at 6:41 am

    *spoilers* I’d have thought a crossbow would be more appropriate…


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