Threesome Thursday — Tactical Sunglasses Edition

Tactical Sunglasses Threesome Thursday
| October 29, 2020
Categories: Gear

Sunglasses are an instant way to make an ugly mug a lot less ugly. Something about a good pair of sunglasses can make you go from a 2 to a 3.5 right quick. Ever since a very pretty gay man told me my baby blues would go blind a lot faster than darker colored eyes, I’ve been concerned about protecting them. I like my eyes; without them, how can I see boobs? With that in mind, the most recent “threeway” I performed in for House Morningwood is about:

Tactical Sunglasses 

STINGR Alpine Sunglasses

Magpul Terrain Sunglasses

5.11 Tactical Tomcat Sunglasses and hearing protection


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