SureFire to help equip Filipino Marines

SureFire to help equip Filipino Marines

Breach Bang Clear News Team

Working with a Joint US Military Assistance Group, illumination and weapon suppression company SureFire will soon be delivering suppressors and weapon mounted lights to the Philippine Marines. 

The Filipino Marines will be receiving suppressors and Vampire Scout Light WMLs for both machine guns and rifles, and they’ll be used to help them in combat with the Maute terrorist group. Maute terrorists, who are affiliated with ISIS and just as barbaric as you’d expect, still control part of Marawi City. An unknown number of Filipino Marines have been killed or wounded alongside soldiers of the Philippines Army during recent operations there.

Several hundred Filipino Marines are fighting the Maute group and its affiliates in and around the city as part of the AFP’s (Armed Forces of the Philippines) Joint Task Force Tiger. Among them are at least one battalion of Marine Battalion Landing Team 7. JTF Tiger Marines are also working with AFPSF personnel, the PNP-SAF (Philippine National Police Special Action Force), and the 103rd Riverine Unit to keep Maute terrorists from escaping south from Marawi across Lake Lanao.

Philippine Marines stand guard outside a mosque in Marawi City. Although the Philippines are mostly Catholic, Marawi has a predominantly Muslim population. (Reuters photo by Erik De Castro.)

Says SureFire VP of Sales & Marketing Mark Hanish,

“We are glad the Philippine Marines are getting the best possible equipment available and confident this equipment will improve the survivability of their warfighters. We wish them the best of luck.” 

You can follow SureFire on Instagram, @surefire_llc, or find ’em on Facebook, /SureFire/.

SureFire is a member of JTF Awesome.

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