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BCL 102 MK7 | Canadian Guns

BCL 102 MK7 | Canadian Guns

Black Creek Labs, or as most call them up north BCL, have come up with their newest version of the BCL 102 — the BCL 102 MK7, and it has a host of awesome changes. For those who don’t know, AR-15’s and AR-10’s are range-use only rifles in the restricted category in Canada. These require a higher license than the basic one that allows you to get hunting and sporting guns and comes with other storage requirements. Thankfully, companies like Black Creek Labs did the leg work in order to bend the silly rules, making an AR-10 with minor changes so it’s approved to be non-restricted and able to go where our other firearms could. For all intents and purposes, this is a DPMS spec AR-10 with some slight changes to the upper and lower.

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