Risk management principles and the firearm | no such thing as “safe”

The Four Safety Rules are a remarkably effective system of layered risk management strategies.  But they aren’t the only strategies we have available, and in many activities, they simply aren’t enough.  Which of the Four Safety Rules prevents a piece of t-shirt or old worn-out leather (or hybrid) holster getting caught in a trigger guard and pressing the trigger during reholstering?  Which of the Four Safety Rules prevents a piece of shrapnel from bouncing off a target back into a shooter’s eyes at the range?  The Four Safety Rules are great for reducing the risk associated with unintentionally pressing the trigger with your finger, and the Second Rule is a great mitigation for almost any type of unintentional discharge.  But there are many other risks associated with operating a firearm, and we need to manage those risks, too.

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Train on a budget with focused low round count range exercises

All you need to keep your skills intact is about fifteen minutes and fifty rounds a week. This is the exact program I used when I was working patrol and then assigned to a specialized unit where my range time was limited. Now look, this isn’t going to get you better. It’s a pure sustainment program and is what I consider the bare minimum for anyone who carries a pistol professionally. If you added a couple of five-minute dry practice sessions per week, you’d be way ahead of the game, but hey…let’s not get all crazy here.

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