The 4 Types of Military Orders

In our modern “good idea fairy” military, I think most orders fall into this category. And that’s a good thing because these easy to duck without getting in trouble or starting a fight. If you work on a staff, probably 70% of your orders are Type 3s, and at least 20% Type 2s. Most staff-related Type 3s can be dodged by throwing out phrases like “We’re nearing full implementation of the synergistic integration phasedown timeline,” then leaving the room while your boss marvels at your amazing skills.

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Indigenous CIBs | Red2Alpha73

Indigenous made CIBs. It wasn’t until late in the deployment that we were awarded ours in a blanket ceremony. Like every other Joe I was in a hurry to get mine sewn on. The small, dimly lit, Iraqi owned sew shop on Falcon was swamped and turn around time was long. I turned one blouse in to get professionally done and bought six raw patches. I knew how to handstitch. I had a needle and thread…

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