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Sparrows Lock Picks, has long been known for creating innovative lock picking tools at prices the enthusiast can afford. That doesn’t mean they’re cheaply made, though. Some time back they released new tools that could help you up your lock-picking game, or make your next manhunt easier.

Take a look.

Looking to do some lockpicking for fun and profit? Check out Sparrows lockpick tension wheel.

The first of their new releases is something a lot of new pickers struggle with: tension. Novice lock pickers are very heavy-handed, which can cause big problems when it comes to security pins. The inexpensive Tension Wheel is designed to show you just how much tension you’re applying. The pins go in the top and bottom of the keyway, you twist it, and little marks on its exterior show the pressure level.

The Sparrows Lock Pick Revolver.

The Revolver looks a lot like its namesake, a revolver cylinder. It allows you to have four separate locks with one core. You get standard, spool, serrated and mushroom pins allowing for a lot of learning in one tool. You can also take the pins out by removing the set screw, then re-pin them however you want.

Sparrow Lock Picks Ranger Set

The last item they released is the Ranger Set. Its a lock pick set that comes with a case that you can get in green, black and Kryptek Raid.  This kit will cover a large percentage of your entry needs.

The kit includes:

6 x Picks with thermal handles

1 x Level 1 Wrenches

1 x Padlock shim set

1 x Wafer keys


1 x Mini Jim

Check out these and more here. The other thing to note is the prices are in Canuck bucks, so Freedom dollars will go a lot further.  Remember never pick a lock you don’t own unless you are indeed a locksmith or the warrant allows you to.

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