Some early day contractors – Executive Outcomes

Executive Outcomes 2

About 2 decades ago a PMC called Executive Outcomes did in a few days with a relative handful of troops what the United Nations was unable to do for years. This is an interesting documentary about EO.

Note – we’re not part of the anti-PMSC crowd (whoa, surprise eh?), so spare us any moral outrage if you’re inclined to share it. Frankly we’re pretty “peacekeeping operations” outsourced to PMCs would be about 1 to 1.5 gozillion times more effective than most UN efforts. Sure, they make great villains for insipid script-writers (and gosh, South African contractors – that’s double evil!), but ground truth is somewhat different than what the media would like to portray. This doesn’t mean there aren’t jackasses and villains in PMCs out there of course (there certainly are), but by and large most of the contractors we know are pretty damned squared away.

That video is here. Be forewarned it’s nearly an hour long.

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True story –

(Cue the tired old argument about the definition of the word mercenary.)

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One thought on “Some early day contractors – Executive Outcomes

  • September 2, 2014 at 7:24 pm

    The UN hates PMC (or mercenaries if you will) because they allow smaller, less developed countries to punch about their weight effectively. This allows non-first world countries to field a first world military force and solve their own problems without having to rely upon the UN to interject itself into local politics with a peacekeeping force. This prevents the UN from creating a government to the tranzies liking as well as pocketing funds for peacekeeping and development. The UN has made a handy business out of providing aid. (Look no further than the former Yugoslavia.) PMCs have the potential to allow locals to make their own decisions, which the UN would prefer they not do.


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