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Any person in the combat arms likely has one or more of the following on them in the field: a big sturdy knife, multitool, chew, and porn.  Two of those things (that we’re aware of) are made by SOG Knives. Their gear is grunt paycheck affordable and their multitools last, so we have more money for other consumables (or to help dancing moms pay for college). At SHOT Show this year SOG Knives and Tools will be releasing two new ones: the SOG Power Play and Reactor. First, the PowerPlay.

SOG Power Play and Reactor
It even has a screwdriver for the glasses of those whose vision sucks without the addition of booze.

When weight or space is a concern the PowerPlay should be your first stop. This multitool crams a pile of useful tools into a pocket-sized package. You get both a serrated and straight edge blades, can opener, various flat head screwdrivers, awl, bottle opener, saw, and file. You may ask why are some of those features like an awl are useful for dudes at the sharpened end of the stick; people scoff at an awl until they are attempting to pick crud out of a connector so they can get comms back up.

SOG Power Play and Reactor
There are two versions of this multitool. One comes with a molded sheath the other in a nylon pouch with bit holder.

Speaking of bits, you know what really grinds our gears? Non-replaceable Philips bits. One of the worst screw designs is everywhere and if its stuck strips bits easy. Thankfully the PowerPlay can take standard hex bits. This allows us to get into even more trouble.

SOG Power Play and Reactor
The bit holder is centered in the multitool making it infinitely easier to not break things worse.

The other new multitool SOG is releasing is the Reactor. This knife forgoes the two smaller knives and tries to take the place of some of our more dedicated folders. The Reactor houses a large assisted opening blade, making sure you can have a blade in seconds with one hand. All it takes is a push on the thumb stud and out comes your blade.

(That’s what she said.)

SOG Power Play and Reactor
You call that a knife? Now, this is a knife!

One thing both of these knives have in common is the centered hex bit holder. When it comes to removing a screw, some multitools are more unwieldy than virgins having sex for the first time. The Power Play and Reactor, on the other hand, feel as experienced as the afternoon lineup at Nancy’s Squat n’ Gobble.

SOG Power Play and Reactor
It looks as though the bit is stored at the other end of the handle and inserted up there when you need to use it.

The reactor may not be as tool-rich as the PowerPlay, but the tools it does have appear to be well thought out. When you’re forced to do less with more the pocket toolbox can help. We want to be like MacGyver, or we would if he was forced to follow grooming standards and said “fuck” every other word anyway. Shit breaks, and it usually needs to be fixed with whatever is on hand. Sometimes we break things worse then they were, but SOG’s new multitools might help us at least pretend like we know what we’re doing.

If you’re going to SHOT Show, head on over to the SOG booth 425. You can also check out their website here as we imagine these will become available soon. You can also check out what we had to say in the past about some of their other gear like a fixed blade, folder, and multitool.

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  • February 12, 2016 at 3:02 pm

    You can only really ask what are you cariyrng on any particular day because anyone who is into knives and multitools at all have a stable at home that they may switch out as it suits them. Work slacks, jeans, coats, shorts, summer, winter, carry bags, hiking, camping, travel, etc or just wanting to rotate for experimentation, or just because, all these and more call for having a collection, not to mention people who carry multiple knives and multitools on them at once.I carry a small leatherman ps pocketplier on a keychain with a fenix E15 flashlight (170 lumens). A boker Trance designed by Chad los Banos ($18), boker or Kissing Crane stockman ($6-10), Spyderco Endura fully serrated ($37), Benchmade Griptilian drop point studded ($65) or Ontario Ratt folder ($20) can all be found on me. There are others, of course, but you get the picture. I like good quality at a proper price point (for me). Sebenza knives are nice and all, but $400 would be a tough loss if it were to be damaged or disappeared.


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