Sniper Dynamics Stalkland Camouflage

Sniper Dynamics Stalkland Camouflage

A new cammie pattern from Sniper Dynamics!

Freddy Osuna

Sniper Dynamics, operated and owned by former US military snipers, is releasing new gun coatings and eventually equipment.¬†Founded in 2016, they have a pretty cool and effective pattern. Why? Well, it’s based on the process snipers use to camoflauge their weapons, tripods, optics, vehicles¬†and other equipment.

Check out their current raffle off, via club Grunt Style. The rifle is a Gunco TI10 308 16″ barrel with Magpul stock, Vortex gen 2 3-18x56mm, and ADM recon mount with Vortex Razor 45deg offset 4 MOA red dot.

The @gruntstyle raffle takes place 1pm Wednesday, Jan 23, 2018 here at SHOT. For more info on Stalkland, click here.


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