Sniper Dynamics Stalkland Camouflage

Sniper Dynamics Stalkland Camouflage

A new cammie pattern from Sniper Dynamics!

Freddy Osuna

Sniper Dynamics, operated and owned by former US military snipers, is releasing new gun coatings and eventually equipment. Founded in 2016, they have a pretty cool and effective pattern. Why? Well, it’s based on the process snipers use to camoflauge their weapons, tripods, optics, vehicles and other equipment.

Check out their current raffle off, via club Grunt Style. The rifle is a Gunco TI10 308 16″ barrel with Magpul stock, Vortex gen 2 3-18x56mm, and ADM recon mount with Vortex Razor 45deg offset 4 MOA red dot.

The @gruntstyle raffle takes place 1pm Wednesday, Jan 23, 2018 here at SHOT. For more info on Stalkland, click here.


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