Small American Business: Superesse Straps

superesse straps
| March 4, 2016
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We really like small American businesses. We absolutely love veteran-owned small American businesses and today is about Superesse Straps. Forgive the exuberance and childlike prose in advance, but this one was written by Big Joe, and, well…Hodor.  Mad Duo

Small American Business: Superesse Straps

Big Joe Neurotic Neuroth


Choice is one of the things that this great nation was founded on. The Free Market and Capitalism are just two things that give us a freedom boner.


You guys need to check out this awesome company called Superesse Straps. This great American company is the true definition of a mom and pop shop; better still, they are also US Veteran owned and operated.

Superesse Straps specializes in producing handmade survival bracelets. The great thing about them is that everything is made to order, nothing is premade. That means you get exactly what you want and don’t have to “compromise” on something you almost want.

Superesse Straps 5

They recently released their new custom neck knife + survival lanyard. The customer has the option of five different colors on the neck knife and about every color imaginable in paracord. There are currently three different themed models to choose from, or you can pick from a ton of different items and customize your own survival lanyard.

The neck knife looks to be a pretty badass little blade. It’s made of hardened 440C steel, the grip is over-molded rubber and it comes with a sheath. These come in black, OD green, gray, tan, and orange. Yup, I know what some of you are thinking — “Neck knives are for neckbeards and windowlickers.” If wearing a neck knife isn’t an option for you, it can always be attached to something else (or, you know, just don’t buy one).

No worries for all the haters who don’t want a neck knife at all, because a knife is already part of their EDC: Superesse Straps can make you a standard survival bracelet packed with all the goodies minus the knife (though that would make Hernandez and our other Hispanic minions cry). You can also choose to get a thicker version of the survival bracelet, which adds more paracord for your survival needs. Who doesn’t like things thicker?

I know I enjoy a thick single mom every now and again.

Don’t judge me.

But but, what if they don’t have the color that I want? Well, they have 22 different color options of cord to choose from. They even have a rainbow colored paracord option for those of you that are a little limp-wristed (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) and could probably use the wrist support that the bracelet provides anyway.

Superesse Straps 6


Options, and I mean a ton of options. You can choose from 93 different items that you can have incorporated into your bracelet, lanyard, watchband, and key fobs. That’s pretty fucking crazy if you ask me. Bro, BRO, they even have one for runners and others with active lifestyles. That one comes with fucking glow in the dark paracord–thats pretty cool. That would particular model would be a great accessory to wear with a PT belt so you could be a one upper.

Anyway, stop by and give Superesse Straps a look and help a small verteran-owned company some support.



Mad Duo, Breach-Bang & CLEAR!

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