SilencerCo Shuts it All Up, Releases the Hybrid and Omega 9K Silencers

Word has come to us from SilencerCo’s resident impavid herald of happy news that the Hybrid and Omega 9K silencers are now officially released. The announcement from far-off West Valley tells us of a can for “nearly every platform” in the form of the Hybrid, and a suppressor that may well be the smallest and lightest of its kind: the Omega K9.

Grunts: impavid.

SilencerCo advises us the Hybrid works with pistol calibers from 9mm up to .45ACP and rifle calibers from 5.56mm to .45-70 GOV and .458 SOCOM, and of course, damned near all points between. Like our favorite dancing moms, it’s magnum-rated and easily capable of handling automatic fire. It can be used on pistols, rifles and submachine guns and so would conceivably function with just about any firearm to be found in the typical person’s vault (note that we do not count Burt Gummer, Mike Searson, or Jeremy Stafford in that description). We’re guessing it probably won’t work on anything like the Rückstoßfreie Maschinenkanone 30 but it’d be interesting to watch someone try.

SilencerCo Omega 9K silencer new for 2016

SilencerCo describes its performance as follows:

Sound results have come back in the low-120 dB’s on .300 BLK and remain hearing safe with .45–70 GOV. The Hybrid is rated down to 16″ barrels for .45–70 GOV and .458 SOCOM and down to 18″ barrels for all magnum calibers up to .338 Lapua Magnum. A quick-reference poster of all Hybrid accessories is available on the Hybrid product page at

The Omega 9K, much like its larger predecessor, is described as an “exceptionally versatile suppressor  [that is the] the smallest, lightest, and quietest silencer of its kind in the world.” It’s just under 5 inches long (something a few of our minions can empathize with) and can be used with pistols, .300BLK rifles and subguns alike.


Of course, you can visit SilencerCo online here.


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Sylvester Stallone Marion "Cobra" Cobretti
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3 thoughts on “SilencerCo Shuts it All Up, Releases the Hybrid and Omega 9K Silencers

  • March 16, 2016 at 10:43 am

    Is the 9k good to handle .556?

  • January 11, 2016 at 3:30 pm

    Ok I’m in for one of the 9K cans. That’ll be the bomb on the 8″ .300 SBR I’m building.

  • January 6, 2016 at 12:15 am

    wow, I wish mine was 5″ long. ( my silencer ).


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