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Unlike that other manufacturer who blew me off yesterday, JTF Awesome member SIG SAUER gave me awesome access.

All the FDE guns above.

Unprecedented for me at SHOT, they dedicated a seperate booth just for media folks like myself with lighting and guns, but without tethers and people everywhere.

Rich Morovitz knows me from social media and my FDE addiction, so he brought out all the FDE to the table.

I took a close look at the Army’s new pistol, the M17, as well as the civilian P320 versions. The only differences are that the triggers and controls are black, not FDE, and they don’t have a UID barcode in the serial number on the trigger module.

The M17 up front.

The M17 and Civilian P320 version (less FDE than the M17)

The M17 civilian version comes in two variants, one with the thumb safety and one without.

The two civilian versions: no thumb safety or with above.

The MCX Virtus now comes in my favorite finish, FDE, which in my opinion looks much better than grey. But I’m a bit biased.

The MCX Virtus SBR in FDE above.

The P365, mags and light.

I missed out on range day, but finally got to pick up the P365. I like how it felt in my hands, which are small, so I don’t need the extended mag for a full grip. The mag capacity is very nice and so is the trigger. I saw a pre-production light for the P365 frame as well. It’s similar to the P320 line but it’s a whole new little pistol. It has a full stainless steel rail to help with accuracy and control.

The light shown above will be available soon, as well as the laser unit.

The MCX Rattler.

The MCX Rattler will now be available in 5.56. It features easy swapping of the barrel with the removal of just two screws.

Easy barrel swaps withthe Rattler shown above.

The SIG762 DMR in the middle.

SIG716 G2 DMR is new and chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. It features a 20 MOA Monolithic Rail. The upper and rail are made from a single piece of aluminum and the one on display was in FDE. Sig knows what’s up.


The SIG M400 SD1 has a lot of nice features, especially the ambidextrous bolt catch and release, located above the mag release.

Close up of the bolt release.

SIG Select Line.

The Select Line of pistols now come with G10 grips, full checkering of the front straps, SRT trigger and Legion low-profile controls.

The Select P226

The Select 1911

Thanks for the hospitality, SIG!

These guys have…

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SHOT Show 2018

This SHOT Show 2018 SHOTREP has been brought to you by the eeeee-light writin’ team at Breach-Bang-Clear. You’re welcome. Why are we focusing so much attention on SHOT, you ask? Is the NSSF SHOT Show that important, you wonder?

Is a pig’s ass pork?

The National Shooting Sports Foundation annual Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade show may be just one of many conventions in Vegas, (as you can see by checking out Vegas Means Business), but it’s definitely the most important one in our world…well, unless you count the AVNs. Besides, as we’ve explained (NSSF SHOT Show 2018 Approacheth), this year is SHOT’s 40th anniversary — meaning it’s damned near as old as the most seasoned dancer at Nancy’s Squat ‘n’ Gobble! (We’re not entirely sure how old Industry Day at the Range, or as it’s also called, Media Day at the Range, really is.)

Regardless — we’ll be providing industry press releases and lots more from the floor. There’s damn sure gonna be a lot to talk about.

You can find all our SHOT Show 2018 articles in the SHOT Show 40th Anniversary lineup.

NSSF SHOT Show 2018 - SHOT Show 40th anniversary

Stay tuned to this freq for gun news, industry news, adventure gear, outdoor equipment, and whatever else we see that we think you might like.

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This SHOT Show 2018 SHOTREP has been brought to you by the eeeee-light writin’ team at Breach-Bang-Clear. You’re welcome.

SHOT Show 2018 - the Shooting Hunting Outdoor Trade Show 40th Anniversary
Stay tuned to this freq for gun news, industry news, adventure gear, outdoor equipment, and whatever else we want.

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