FN SCAR20S at Tactical Life

Dave Bahde of Tactical Life took a look at the SCAR 20S recently. Here’s an excerpt of that review.

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Says Bahde,

“Without a doubt, the Geissele Super SCAR trigger is a huge bonus on this rifle. This two-stage trigger is crisp and light yet 100-percent reliable and predictable. It allowed me to wring the best possible accuracy out of the SCAR 20S.

But the rifle is heavy. Starting at 11.2 pounds before you add ammo and an optic, it’s more than 3 pounds heavier than the SCAR 17S. No, it’s not heavier than similar systems, but it’s not a fast, lightweight fighter like previous SCARs, nor is it meant to be. It’s designed to be a sniper support rifle, and in this role it excels because of its reduced recoil.

The stock is nice. In fact, it would be my preference over the standard SCAR 17 stock. Sure, it’s heavier, but it pairs perfectly with smaller variable-power scopes and is easy to adjust in the field. It shoulders quickly, and none of my adjustments came loose. (Also, it’s worth noting that the SCAR 20S is compatible with other SCAR stocks you might already own.)

As mentioned, the recoil is minimal, even with the flash suppressor, making the rifle very controllable. My guess is it that the SCAR 20S would be even easier to use with a suppressor or muzzle brake. But either way, it performs exactly as it was designed and will be welcomed by many SCAR owners.”

Read his full review here on Tactical-Life.com.


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