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| July 26, 2016
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Putting a Foot Down About Not Carrying a Med Kit: The Ryker AFAK


We get it. Sometimes looking like a tactical turtle is part of life (See: Vacationing in Chicago.) Ballistic lids, plate carriers, mags, lights, pouches, drop-legs, doo-dads, gizmos, and thingamabobs that are needed for the mission get strapped to us in one way, shape, or form.

Thankfully, regardless of the loadout in today’s age of playing “How much gear can one person hold?” (Aka Why are there Slim Jims in your mag pouch?!), we are finding that very few people leave out the med kit or IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) when considering their “bad day” rig.

Ryker Nylon Gear AFAK ATEi Glock 19 Streamlight ProTac2L light Raven Concealment VG2 Photo credit to Allison Platt Creative

What we often find however, is when the kit comes off and flip-flops and casual-wear become the norm again, our medical considerations take a back seat because of comfort, concealability or lack of pocket and/or belt space. Enter the Ryker Nylon AFAK (Ankle First Aid Kit).

In a quest to fill a gap in medical kit options for law enforcement, the folks at RTN came up with a simple, lightweight ankle-worn rig that maximizes use of limited space while discretely attached to the wearer’s ankle. This kit has proved viable for people from all walks of life and professions.

With multiple vertical pouches to hold a myriad of life-saving options, the AFAK also has a horizontal pouch that is designed to fit a chest seal. As ordered, the AFAK comes empty and allows the user to configure the rig as desired.

For LEOs (or those worried about being left handcuffed to a bedrail after an interesting Friday night) the AFAK can also house a hidden, easy-access handcuff key that can be configured by the wearer.

Merrell All Out Blaze shoe Suunto Ambit 3 Arcteryx pants Photo credit to Allison Platt Creative

Working with low-cut footwear or boots with included extension, the AFAK hides well under normal “tactical pants” and blue jeans alike (NOTE: leave your skinny jeans at home, hipsters). After a short break-in walk around the house, the slight weight difference on one leg quickly becomes a non-issue. Even in a full-tilt run, the hook and loop retention straps keep all life-support gear right where it needs to be.

We know that when life is on the line seconds count, and that the best gear left at home does us no good. Ryker Nylon has given us a heck of an option for carrying an IFAK, and cut our excuse options in half.


[You can visit Ryker Nylon online here]

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