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Over the last year we have had the opportunity to train with Rockwell Tactical Group (RTG) at several of their pistol and carbine classes, most recently when it was frigid and miserable. At first Slim was reluctant to come along, being the sandbagging, malingering bastard that he is. (That’s right Slim, I just called out your lack of Motivation!)  Fightin’ words, I know, but luckily it hasn’t yet descended to the level of fisticuffs – unlike what happened that time I posted a pictorial essay on his love of fat chicks.

But I digress.

Though Slim thought it was too cold to go train, once I told him we’d be off training with the Army SOF types who’d written some of the essays we’ve linked in the past, he immediately started lubing his M4 (note: that’s literal, not code for prepping to fap). That lazy Neanderthal loves two things, strip clubs with free booze and hardcore reality based training. Which leads us back to RTG. Their instructor cadre is comprised primarily of current and recently retired Army Green Berets. They are a principle based training company, which places a lot of value on combat mindset and situational awareness. These snake-eaters have a shit-ton of experience overseas and stateside training America’s best. One of the things they have developed from all their range time and deployments is the RTG series of heavy card stock targets

The targets are printed on a large sheet that fits most common target stands as well as the backboards commonly found at your average range. (Flipped over backwards, it’s great for patterning a shotgun.) On the sheet they have placed a human silhouette based off the worldwide average size of a man. Now, there are plenty of such targets out there, but what’s so intersting about the RGT targets is the colored shape sub-targets scattered all over the target. There are a total of nine numbers, inside three shapes, with three colors. The center line targets represent the three critical hit zones on a human threat. The triangle for the “terminal T-box” or ocular pathway to the brain, the circle for center of mass for thoracic organs (heart, lungs, etc.) and the square at the bottom for the pelvic bone/ man-hating junk shots.

Surrounding the silhouette you find the remainder of the randomly placed colored sub targets. The shapes are used for target identification drills. Back in the old days my team use to buy packs of colored construction paper to use for this, which was too generous in size to use and a pain to staple up. Rockwell has taken this great but unfortunately uncommon drill (which is great for bringing emphasizing mental acuity during live training) and placomg it into everyone’s hands. Simply have a buddy or range mate shout out random colors, shapes or numbers, and shoot those called out. (Slim says to do push ups for all those you miss or shoot mistakenly.) They have two versions of this multiple use target, so when placed in a row it can be even more challenging. This target is limited only by your imagination, and we are still discovering new drills with those we took home with us. Recently speaking to Jared Ross, (the owner of Rockwell Tactical) he has informed us that they are getting ready to launch a smartphone app that will have tons of drills and also a target assignment feature for when no one wants to hit the range with you. (Never a problem for me and Slim, but believe it or not there are shooters out there who don’t have friends ready and willing to go put some time in behind their shootin’ irons.)

Take the time to head over to to check out their list of courses and seminars, as well as these bad ass targets. Are they the end-all, be-all target? Of course not.However, you add them to your training regimen along with 3D targets and reactive targets and environmental LIMFACs and you will be much better prepared. That’s the whole point, in the end – not achieving the best split times and the tightesst group, but being prepared for when things go loud for real and some asshole beings trying to chastise you with bullets. Oh, you can also find RTG on Facebook here.

Pretty sure some or all these images were from Markland Dynamic Photography, so check them out too.

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