Rex Specs: like Oakleys for Fido

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Do you have a badass dog? Do you like to take your maligator out for runs through the woods, or your GSD out exploring? Maybe you’re a dog handler in the service, or a K9 cop out on the beat. We all know that its important to protect our own eyes, but have you given any thought to protecting your dog’s?  


The folks at Rex Specs have developed a pretty nifty solution to protecting your favorite pooch’s eyes. Labeled as Canine protective eyewear for the active dog!, Rex Specs are like wraparound shooting glasses that strap on securely to your dog’s head without any discomfort. The doggie googles remain stable on the canine’s head once properly adjusted, and allow for full range of view. With the unrestricted field of view and ability for the dog to keep full range of motion in its jaw, Rex Specs have rapidly become popular with working dogs both stateside and overseas.

Now before you say it’s just some gimmick to make your dog look tough, consider this: you already spend x number of dollars on your dog, its training, vet bills and care. How catastrophic would it be if they lost their sight?

It has happened, and can happen to your dog, especially if you live an extremely active life style or have some sort of working dog. The idea is to protect your dog’s eyes from harsh sunlight, UV rays, debris and other environmental concerns. Your dog can wear them all day and still be able to eat, drink and put the habeas chomp-ass on some fucker like they aren’t even there. 

The protective eyewear uses replaceable, nearly unbreakable UV400 protective polycarbonate lens to block out 99% – 100% of UVA/UVB light, and allows you to choose between clear, smoke or mirrored lenses to best fit your needs. The lenses pop in to the frames easily and quickly, and can be replaced when they become badly scratched or in changing light settings. 

Guys downrange have been buying them for their fur missiles, to safeguard their K9’s eyes against prop wash debris and IED fragmentation. The easily-adjustable strap system enables you to fit Rex Specs to wide range of different dogs, although they are primarily made to fit dogs 30-100lbs depending on their head shape. The long and short of it is that they fit real dogs like Labs, German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepherds. There’s little worry they won’t fit your working dog.

For the last two months we have had our test subject, Atlas, wearing the Rex Specs. They recently released a desert camo version of their frames, and our sample was in this new color. The Specs come with an instruction sheet, and it’s important that you read it. Not all dogs are going to take to wearing the goggles right away, and you might need to train them per the guidance given. This was the case with our 9 month old, 110 lbs reviewer that acts like a cracked out, angry, furry pony with fangs!


Atlas seemed confused when we first strapped the Rex Specs on him, and his confusion quickly shifted to annoyance. He tried to swipe them off with his paws, and rub them off his face on the ground. We removed the lens, and spent time letting him get use to just wearing the frames. In a relatively short time of wearing the frames, being given rewards and discouraging his attempted self-removal, he became accustomed to the Rex Specs. Just don’t rush your dog, follow the instruction sheet, and have some patience. After the dog gets used to the frame, add the clear lens and let the dog get used to that. After Atlas was cool with the clear lens, switching to the smoke lens was easy.

Atlas put on his shades and was like, ‘”Bro, so no-shit there I was…Do you even Doge bro?”

Running through the woods and high grass, there are many low hanging and sharp things that can catch your dog in the eye. For those living in desert environments, blowing sand is an equal concern. The goggles have a light foam pad around the edge, and allow good airflow to prevent fogging. The only real concern might be if the dog is in AC, and immediately enters a hot and humid climate outside. They might fog up then, but will quickly defog after the plastic lens heats up.

After the training period, it’s easy and quick to get your dog set up in the Rex Specs. It turns into something common and familiar to them as it becomes part of their routine. After a few months of wear, Atlas barely seems to notice when they get strapped to his head. He takes it as a cue that its time to go outside, and knows the sooner he gets his gear on, the faster he gets to go outside and have fun. Despite constant wear, the Rex Specs are holding up great, and aside from some light scratches on the lenses look no worse for wear. If you have a dog that’s more than just a house bound shut-in or oversized sewer rat, we recommend you try a pair. Hunting dogs, police dogs, service dogs, or just your favorite hiking buddy, you owe it to man’s best friend to protect their eyes. Check out the company here, and if you have a dog, let us know what you think. 

Check ’em out on Instagram, @rexspecsk9.


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