Red Stitch Tactical Bullet Trap

Check this out. Everyone should have one of these in their garage. Maybe next to the pool table?

Earlier last week our friends over Red Stitch Tactical were snowed in. That resulted in some testing of this new Bullet Trap (what a way to pass the snowpocalypse, right/). It’s an all AR500 built Bullet Trap. That’s significant because most people just use milder steel and thin material for the body and use filler to slow the bullets, Red Stitch Tactical uses ¼” AR500 steel. This is done so that no matter what you are shooting, even if it penetrates extra deep (that’s what she said) it isn’t going to go out through the back of the box. The one you see here uses a ½” thick rubber mask sandwiched between the removable face, which itself is constructed of 3/8” AR500 deflectors to angle bad shots into the trap. The face is removable so you can replace the mask as it wears out. The filler is the standard rubber mulch you can get from Home Depot or Lowes (you can pull the top off to replace the filling.

Bullet Traps come in different breeds. Some are used in shoothouses for room or building clearing so you can shoot live ammo without going through the walls. They are also use for testing weapons in close areas without needing to go outside to a range (like those seen on your choice of gun builder reality show). You can let people test fire weapons or test newly built or repaired weapons on site indoors without needing to go anywhere. As you can see in some of the picture below, this one took .223 and .308 from 10 feet and didn’t leave any real marks on the mask. Nor did any rounds penetrate into the box enough to hit the rear wall. The only marks that are really left were from hollow point .45.  (the .45 ball ammo didn’t leave much of a hole either).

Basically if you want to shoot in your basement….here you go. Noise ordinances may still apply. Not recommended for rental apartments in the ghetto or homes with the wheels pulled off. If you have any questions or you are interested, contact Darin over at Red Stitch Tactical, Darin (at) They’re on Facebook here.

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