All-Inclusive VCQB by Reactive Gunworks


All-Inclusive VCQB by Reactive Gunworks

Have any of you ever been to a Mexican resort? You know the kind where everything is all-inclusive? All you have to do is show up with some clothes and everything else is taken care of including booze, food, and entertainment.

This is a lot like that.

All-Inclusive VCQB by Reactive Gunworks sponsored 15 slots for Law Enforcement Officers around the state of Utah

On June 24th, Reactive Gunworks of Salt Lake City, Utah sponsored 15 slots for Law Enforcement Officers from around the State of Utah, to attend a VCQB class that was taught by William Petty of 88 Tactical. There were also a few industry folks that showed up to show support of law enforcement and mesh some ideas.

Jeff Wilber from RDR Custom Kydex.

Paul VanDunk from Agency Arms.

Brian Bishop from Grey Ghost Gear.

And Mike Ramirez from Third Eye K9

This proved to be a pretty awesome melting pot of people to exchange thoughts, ideas, and stories.

Andrew and Joy Haywood are the owners of Reactive Gunworks and are some of the nicest and giving people you will ever meet. We always like companies helping and supporting veterans and law enforcement and this exemplies that.

Andrew and Joy are no strangers to training and attend many classes a year. They have hosted classes in the past in Utah. This marked the 4th annual class that has . Andrew is a veteran himself and has always realized that Police and Military don’t always get the training that they truly need. Andrew explained that he can’t do everything for Police Officers, but he can do something–and that something was hosting this class.

Here is a little shameless plug about Reactive Gunworks. They have a pretty cool business plan. They are a master dealer for Agency Arms but also the largest dealer Agency. They also carry Salient Arms, SVI, War Sport, Fowler Industries, and Volquartsen. They are also on of the larger dealers for S3F solutions.  Here is the cool part about their business. They only sell what they have in stock, so that means if you see the product you want its in stock. If you decide to buy it, it will ship the next business day. Pretty cool if you ask us.

Check out Reactive Gunworks on Facebook and Instagram. They have some pretty rad pictures, but also know if you decide to shop with them you are directly helping get law enforcement some good training that they need.

All Photo Credit goes to Hawk Vaccaro you can find him here.

And Rob Norbutt you can find him here.



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  • August 13, 2016 at 10:28 am

    Note how well the c upholder in the back seat of that car has held up– it is my design and patent! Check Pat. #5,007,610

    Little known fact, there is a Bauer .25 hidden in each one…..


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