Quantico Tactical Extends Hours For EOY Purchasing



OCT 2018

If you’re at AUSA this week, we need you to go by and see our favorite DLA Gold Superior Supplier, Quantico TacticalDo it! 

Quantico Tactical has a ridiculous lineup of brands available, including products from SureFire, Tyr Tactical, Team Wendy, Magpul, Safariland, Point Blank, PacStar Advanced Detection Technology, Geissele, Leupold, Vortex, Spuhr, Panasonic, Harris and many more. 

No, seriously, do it, you’ll be doing us a solid.

Here’s the official announcement from Quantico Tactical:

Stop by and see Quantico Tactical Oct. 8-10 in Booth #3925 at the AUSA Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.  As a DLA Gold Superior Supplier (one of twelve in the world), they are a leading supplier of special operations equipment, C4ISR, weapons, and weapon accessories to the Department of Defense, Federal Agencies and state/local Law Enforcement Departments.  With Quantico Tactical, you can Count on More™.

You Can Count On:

  • Customer Commitment
  • Exceptional Performance
  • Convenient Contracts
  • Simplified Procurements
  • Unmatched Service
  • Rapid Logistics
  • Extensive Brand Selection
  • Kitting Solutions

Meet with our specialists to discuss your procurement needs and view a sampling of incredible products from SureFire, Tyr Tactical, Team Wendy, Magpul, Safariland, Point Blank, PacStar Advanced Detection Technology, Geissele, Leupold, Vortex, Spuhr, Panasonic, Harris and many more.  Our knowledgeable team is standing by to answer your questions and provide in-person support.

For more information about Quantico Tactical, please visit QuanticoTactical.com or call 910.944.5800.

Quantico Tactical is at the AUSA Annual Meeting 2018, Booth #3925 in Washington D.C.

Quantico Tactical - 2017 - DLA Gold Supplier












August 2018

We’re fast approaching the end of the year — that means EOY purchasing, and all the work it entails.

If you’re involved in procurement, you’ll be glad to know that Quantico Tactical has extended its hours of operation to accommodate you, to wit:

From now until EOY is complete, Quantico Tactical will be open from 8am to 7pm EST.

08h00 – 19h00 EST

Contact the Quote Desk at 910.944.5800, shoot ’em an e-mail at [email protected], or visit their EOY procurement page.



Anticipate the need for gear in your future? Headed to Val Verde for “vacation”? You should be subscribed to the Quantico Tactical newsletter. Breach-Bang-Clear

Subscribe to the Quantico Tactical Newsletter

Here’s why you should be on the e-mail list

News Desk

There are a number of reasons to shop Quantico Tactical, not least their selection. There’s more gear available at Quantico Tactical than the daily inventory at Sun Valley’s Surplus City (well, before Matrix’s visit anyway).

You need to do more than follow them on social media, however; you need to subscribe to their newsletter. Why? Because their newsletter is constantly pushing out news of sales or deals you won’t pick up on elsewhere.

Quantico Tactical newsletter - it is worth signing up for

For instance, a couple hours ago we were told they have the SIG SAUER “American Hero” commemorative pistol (a Quantico Tactical exclusive) back in stock. That’s the weapon you see above, by the way. You wouldn’t know that if the only thing you were doing is following them on social media and watching XHamster or whatever (and the latter’s a terrible life choice anyway, given some of the superb alternatives out there).

The Quantico Tactical newsletter brings word of many sales and specials - go sign up.

Here’s another — did you know QT is in the middle of an optics sale? Up to 33% off. Or, since some of you reading this don’t math so good, about 1/3 off retail.

↑↑↑ Prefers pawn shops and Condor retailers to Quantico Tactical ↑↑↑ 

It’s not hard, boys and girls. It’s really not. Take a looksee:

The Quantico Tactical e-mail newsletter brings frequent news of specials, discounts, package deals, and other goodness.
It really is that simple.

A couple days ago they sent out an e-mail announcing a pretty badass special on handheld lights.

Oh, wait…

Too late dumbass - this is why you should subscribe to the Quantico Tactical newsletter.
You waited too long for this special, but click the image for some good news.

Go sign up for the Quantico Tactical newsletter now. Then take a look around to see what they carry. You can find every brand Quantico Tactical carries right here: http://www.quanticotactical.com/ASP/Manufacturer.asp.









Quantico Tactical is a Defense Logistics Agency Tailored Logistics Support Program Gold Supplier and an Inc. 5000 award recipient.1

As if that’s not enough to guarantee your confidence, know this: Quantico Tactical has over 3.975 million brands available. That’s one for every single person in Los Angeles.2

Whether you’re buying for a squad or outfitting a whole damn battalion (and their TOC), these guys can get you sorted. Here’s a look at just some of the manufacturers available to their customers:

Some of the brands available at Quantico Tactical.

1This is all true and is a direct reflection of their quality of service. They have their shit together.

2This is complete bullshit, though they do have a freakin’ lot of brands available.



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Quantico Tactical News

Quantico Tactical is a leading supplier of weapons, goods, tactical gear, logistical solutions and more to the military, federal agencies, and state/local LEOs. Quantico Tactical is the home of the Qualified Professional Program and is a Defense Logistics Agency Gold Superior Supplier.

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