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MCB Quantico, Ft. Riley, Lewis-McChord, Ft. Hood, Ft. Bragg — y’know they’re right outside the gate, right? Or use BBC10 to save a few $$$ online.

Skip the local dancing moms (this time); visit these guys instead — use BBC10 at checkout to receive 10% off.

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There are a number of reasons to shop Quantico Tactical, not least their selection. There’s more gear available at Quantico Tactical than the daily inventory at Sun Valley’s Surplus City (well, before Matrix’s visit anyway).

You need to do more than follow them on social media, however; you need to subscribe to their newsletter. Why? Because their newsletter is constantly pushing out news of sales or deals you won’t pick up on elsewhere.

Quantico Tactical newsletter - it is worth signing up for

For instance, a couple hours ago we were told they have the SIG SAUER “American Hero” commemorative pistol (a Quantico Tactical exclusive) back in stock. That’s the weapon you see above, by the way. You wouldn’t know that if the only thing you were doing is following them on social media and watching XHamster or whatever (and the latter’s a terrible life choice anyway, given some of the superb alternatives out there).

The Quantico Tactical newsletter brings word of many sales and specials - go sign up.

Here’s another — did you know QT is in the middle of an optics sale? Up to 33% off. Or, since some of you reading this don’t math so good, about 1/3 off retail.

↑↑↑ Prefers pawn shops and Condor retailers to Quantico Tactical ↑↑↑ 

It’s not hard, boys and girls. It’s really not. Take a looksee:

The Quantico Tactical e-mail newsletter brings frequent news of specials, discounts, package deals, and other goodness.
It really is that simple.

A couple days ago they sent out an e-mail announcing a pretty badass special on handheld lights.

Oh, wait…

Too late dumbass - this is why you should subscribe to the Quantico Tactical newsletter.
You waited too long for this special, but click the image for some good news.

Go sign up for the Quantico Tactical newsletter now. Then take a look around to see what they carry. You can find every brand Quantico Tactical carries right here: http://www.quanticotactical.com/ASP/Manufacturer.asp.

Quantico Tactical

Quantico Tactical is a member of JTF Awesome. Connect with them on Facebook, /QuanticoTactical/.

Quantico Tactical is an online supplier of tactical needs, with five brick and mortar locations to buy tactical gear near Ft. Lewis, Ft. Riley, MCB Quantico, Ft. Hood, and Ft. Bragg.
This industry news update was brought to you today on behalf Quantico Tactical. Why should you be loyal to QT? Because only dilettantes and people playing dress-up buy Chinese knock-offs on eBay. Use discount code BBC10 with any purchase and save 10%.

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Breach Bang Clear is the warrior scholar's choice for commentary and analysis of national and international events, gun news, tactical industry news, and of course gear reviews.
The warrior scholar’s choice for analysis of national and international events, gun news, updates from the tactical community, and gear reviews.

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