Proven Arms & Outfitters Grand Opening Tomorrow!

Proven Arms & Outfitters retail locations are open for business as of tomorrow morning, 11-3-18!

Proven Arms & Outfitters Grand Opening

If you live in the Seattle-Tacoma area or are stationed in northern Virginia and are looking for a gun store or tactical retailer, this might be a place for you to check out.


Proven Arms & Outfitters Grand Opening


Proven Arms & Outfitters Grand Opening

Proven Arms & Outfitters (PAO) is proud to announce their Grand Opening celebration on Saturday, November 3rd, 2018 at their locations in Tacoma, Washington, and Woodbridge, Virginia.  The event falls on a weekend-long Grand Opening sale, 2nd-4th of November, where customers can save 20% off storewide and up to 50% or more off of closeout items.


POA staff at both locations as well as those running their online gun store,, urges the public to attend.

Proven Arms & Outfitters Grand Opening

There will be:

• door prizes for the first 100 customers
• the chance to win a rifle from Lewis Machine & Tool
• the chance to win a Mossberg shotgun
• the chance to win multiple SureFire lights
• all sorts of swag, plunder, and other giveaways

Proven Arms and Outfitters brick & mortar store grand opening

Plus, a ridiculous array of gear will be on sale at clearance prices (as in, so low they’re not allowed to advertise).

Proven Arms is very close to Quantico, VA, and offers special military and first responder pricing on many guns.
This is some of what you’ll find in the Proven Arms & Outfitters location in the Potomac Mills area. This store is one block north of Potomac Mills Mall, right next to Petsmart.

PAO Proven Arms & Outfitters Grand Opening

The Proven Arms gun store in Tacoma is one block south of Tacoma Mall and carries a huge selection of firearms and tactical gear.
Here’s a look at one of the walls in the Tacoma, WA Proven Arms & Outfitters location; find it one block south of Tacoma Mall in Evergreen Plaza.

Get by there and check out why don’tcha?

Here’s a message from Founder/CEO (and retired Marine) David Hensley.

“Since my retirement, Quantico Tactical has operated its retail storefront, web sales, and government operations as one company – Quantico Tactical. Retail Stores & Web Sales are now Proven Arms & Outfitters. Proven Arms & Outfitters has the same excellent selection of weapons and gear offered by Quantico Tactical and will expand into new categories over time to better serve our customers.

Quantico Tactical will now focus solely on sales and logistics to the military, federal agencies, state/local law enforcement agencies and private security. We will maintain our same team and continue to provide exceptional customer service, value, and on-time delivery.

To all of our customers, I want to take this time to thank you for your business through the years. Whether a retail or government customer, you can Count On More.”

Proven Arms & Outfitters has a badass qualified professionals program - it will save you a LOT of money.


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Proven Arms & Outfitters (@provenarmsandoutfitters) is the retail consumer counterpart to Quantico Tactical. Proven Arms & Outfitters was established by Quantico Tactical Founder and CEO David Hensley (Maj, USMC, Ret.) to better serve customers outside the DoD, First Responder, and government communities. Proven Arms & Outfitters assures exceptional customer service, advising, as always, they can "COUNT ON MORE."

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